Let your home & garden shine with our beautiful Christmas lights!

From twinkling Christmas tree lights, fairy-lit flagpole Christmas trees to cheerful Christmas figures. In whatever shape or colour, indoors or outdoors, Christmas lights are a must for a magical atmosphere during the dark winter days. At Hermie, you will therefore find a brilliant range to transform your home & garden into a dazzling - disclaimer: don't take it too literally! - Christmas paradise. Let's get lit!

A beautifully lit (o) Christmas tree 🎄

Christmas tree ready? Decorate it! And then, of course, we start with those festive Christmas tree lights. To relieve you of your annual dose of Christmas stress, we already have the answer to some FAQs & handy tips for choosing (& storing!) the ideal light string for your (o) Christmas tree.

• What is the difference between string, cluster and micro cluster lighting? 

The term string lighting may not mean anything to you but these are the classic lights as we all know them. In string lighting, the bulbs are larger & are further apart than in (micro)cluster lighting (± 18 bulbs/meter). This is why this type of lighting is often cheaper.

With cluster lighting, the lights are distributed playfully across the cord. The lights are distributed on both sides of the cord & follow each other very closely (± 160 lights/metre). This creates an extra magical effect in your Christmas tree but also comes with a slightly higher price tag than the classic Christmas tree lights.

A compromise between the two is the microcluster. In these Christmas tree lights, the lights are smaller & are closer together than the traditional lighting cord (± 50 lights/metre) but are not as numerous as in cluster lights.

Besides this Christmas tree lighting, wire lighting also brings cosiness to your home! Here, mini lights are woven into a folding iron wire. A subtle but atmospheric look. Ideal for decorating your mini table Christmas tree, a classic nativity scene or even a cute vase. Wrap these lights around anything for a stunning look. These are usually battery-operated so you don't need a socket nearby, nice and easy!

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• Are you a gadget lover? Then opt for Twinkly's smart Christmas tree lights! 

With Twinkly's Christmas tree lights, your Christmas tree will steal the (light) show! Twinkly is the latest generation of smart LED lights. Control your dazzling Christmas lights with your smartphone & create your own light show. Let's Twinklify your home!

Thanks to the free app, you can control the colour & speed of each LED light individually. So you can create your own unique pattern! Would you rather be lazy than tired? Then you can also choose between the many pre-programmed effects & patterns in the gallery. Did you know you can even tune your Christmas lights to the rhythm of your favourite Christmas tune? For this, you can purchase the Twinkly music dongle separately. Moreover, thanks to the RGB(W) colour system, you can choose from more than 16 million colours! Are you already getting selection stress ;)?

Pair the lights with your Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or the Apple HomeKit and the lights will even work on voice command. It doesn't get any better than this! The app is free & suitable for all Android and iOS devices. Once you have these smart Christmas lights in your home, you won't want to go back to classic lights!

Discover Twinkly's smart Christmas lights!

• How many Christmas tree lights do I need to decorate my Christmas tree?

Nothing more annoying than draping your Christmas tree gracefully with the lighting cord and finding in the middle that your cord is too short & you don't have enough lights to make your tree sparkle!

Thanks to our handy 'height of Christmas tree' filter in the 'Christmas tree lighting' category, you'll get the perfect lighting cords for your tree in 1 click!

Pro tip: always plug in your lights before you start decorating. This will save you a lot of swearing if your lights end up not seeming to work properly but they are already hanging in the tree anyway....

• How much do Christmas tree lights consume?

We don't want to save on Christmas spirit, of course, but we do want to save in our wallets! The LED lights in our Christmas tree lighting are energy-efficient, which is a must with today's high electricity prices. Not only your Christmas spirit but also your energy bill will be happy about this!

But how much do such Christmas tree lights cost?

Of course, that depends on the number of LED lights in the tree, your electricity tariff & the number of hours you leave the lights on. It goes without saying that cluster lights consume more than classic Christmas lights.

You can easily calculate this yourself using the following formula: number of kWh x number of hours/day x 30 days x 0.001 x electricity price/kWh.

Most light strings consume between 4 and 9 kWh. Based on an electricity rate of 0.50 per kWh and 6h burning time per day, Christmas tree lights will cost you on average between 48 cents and 1 euro per month.

• 🎅 Handy storage tip from Christmas elf Marcel

Are the holidays already over? Then store your garlands of lights on a coat rack. That way you won't have to spend hours untangling the lights and save yourself a lot of frustration next Christmas season! By the way, you can safely store the baubles in an egg carton.

A magical Christmas with Fairybell® flagpole Christmas trees ✨

How about a "Christmas tree" made entirely of sparkling lights? Experience a magical Christmas with our beautifully lit flagpole Christmas trees! Do you dream of a Christmas just like in the movies? Then be enchanted by this brilliant eye-catcher in your garden during the dark winter days. Let's light up your world (& that of your neighbours 😉 )!

The advantages of our Fairybell® flagpole Christmas trees
• Atmospheric during the dark winter months
• An enchanting light show for any garden, business premises, hotel, restaurant, event...
• Energy-efficient & magical lights (low energy consumption)
• Easy & quick installation thanks to the hoisting system (no more hassle with annoying light garlands & ladders!
• Resistant to all kinds of weather conditions
• Dutch & high quality manufacturing

Click here to read more about our Fairybell® illuminated Christmas trees!

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Illuminated Christmas figures adorn your garden

Transform your garden into a magical Winter Wonderland thanks to our rainbow-coloured unicorn, Rudolf the reindeer or Frostie the snowman. We are already snow in love ❄️ with these luminous showpieces! Take a quick look at our favourite hose lighting.

A magically lit Christmas house with icicle & curtain lights

Outdoors, icicle lights create a festive roof, while indoor lights can be draped gracefully over your roof. Ice ice ice baby! ❄️

Add sparkle to your trees, hedges and shrubs!

Thanks to our net lighting, you can quickly and easily add Christmas lights to your shrubs, trees or hedges. Just drape the lighting net over your shrubs like a blanket and you're ready to go! No more hassle with annoying garlands of lights.

A warm welcome with our illuminated (artificial) Christmas wreaths!

Welcome your guests with a festively lit Christmas wreath at your door or decorate your mantelpiece with a dazzling garland/Christmas garland! This is how you ensure the necessary portion of sparkling Christmas magic.
Tiffany fireplace garland christmas h274cm

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