Pool cover, tarpaulins and tiles

When you are not using your Intex or Bestway pool, it is best to cover it with a tarpaulin or even a pool cover. This way, you avoid getting dirt in your pool, which will make maintenance more difficult. With a pool cover, for example, you drastically extend the swimming season because the cold wind cannot bother you. A solar cover heats your pool, while pool ground covers and tiles protect the bottom of your above-ground or inflatable pool. 

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Pool canopy

Using a pool enclosure, you can transform the above-ground pool in the middle of your garden into a tropical indoor pool in no time! You can think of a pool enclosure as a kind of large umbrella/parasol/windbreak. It allows you to enjoy a nice swim even when the weather is not so good. Cold winds are kept out and, thanks to the durable materials, the warmth of the water stays inside the enclosure. In high summer, a pool-shade cover offers protection from the burning sun

Advantages of a pool canopy:

  • Insulation: Thanks to the insulating properties of a pool enclosure, the pool water cools down less quickly. 
  • Anti-dirt: By completely covering your pool with a pool enclosure, you keep grass, insects, leaves... out of your pool. 
  • Water-saving: A direct consequence of the fact that no dirt can enter your pool is that the water needs to be replaced less quickly. 
  • Easy to operate: A pool enclosure or shade cover can easily be operated alone. Even for a large surface, it is quite easy to operate alone thanks to the handy hinges.

Solar cover

The function of a solar cover is twofold: on the one hand, a pool solar cover protects your pool water from leaves, insects, pollen..., on the other hand, such a cover heats your pool. This is actually its main function. You place a solar cover on the water surface and the heat from the sun on the cover heats up your water. At the bottom is a kind of bubble foil. The air in that foil is warmed up by the sun and transfers the heat to the water. A solar cover on your pool also reduces algae growth and chlorine breakdown.

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⏩ A solar cover should always be slightly smaller than the surface area of your pool, so that the water can ‘breathe’ and the values are maintained. Keep in mind that about 10 cm should remain uncovered at the edge.

Pool cover

Do not confuse a solar cover with a tarpaulin. A cover will not heat your pool, it only protects it. A pool cover does not float on the water but is stretched over the pool at the edge. Insects, algae and other dirt have no chance. This way, you reduce the risk of an unbalanced water balance. Tiny holes keep dirt out, but allow rainwater to pass through. This prevents water from accumulating on the pool cover. Note: an ordinary cover is not a winter cover.

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Pool ground covers & tiles

Of course, you don't just want to protect your pool water. The bottom of your surface-mounted pool is one of the most vulnerable spots. By using a pool ground sheet or pool tiles, you protect the bottom of the pool from damage by twigs, sharp stones and against mould growth, among other things. With pool foam tiles, you can also create a walkway. Such non-slip tiles are nice - and safe! - to walk on and they also prevent your pool from being full of blades of grass.

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