Water maintenance

A pool in your garden offers you cool on a hot day and hours of fun. But a pool also requires maintenance. 🏊‍♀️ The right maintenance products are absolutely necessary to enjoy a well-kept pool with clear water and ensure that you do not have to change the pool water as often

Using test strips, you can easily keep an eye on the pool values (pH, chlorine & alkaline). Can't see the wood for the trees? Or rather: can't see the bottom of the pool through the water? 😉 Our personal poolboy Marcel is eager to share his best pool maintenance tips with you.

Chlorine & chlorine floats

Chlorine is essential for enjoying a clear pool. It also disinfects your pool. After filling your pool with water, add fast-acting chlorine to disinfect the water. So you can quickly enjoy a refreshing dip. Chlorine kills algae and neutralises oils, bacteria and fats. There is chlorine in powder and tablet form. Chlorine in tablet form is ideal for maintaining, say, chlorine levels. Powdered chlorine is particularly interesting for start-ups, as it often works faster. There is also the chlorine pellet or chlorine granules. This is so-called fast-acting chlorine with which you can easily carry out a chlorine shock treatment.

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pH and alkalinity

The pH value or acidity is the basis for clean and clear pool water. Too high or low a pH value prevents the chlorine from doing its job properly. The value should be between 7.0 and 7.6. If your pool's pH is too high or too low, add pH increaser or pH decreaser respectively. To keep chlorine and pH levels stable, alkalinity is important. This is because good alkalinity counteracts fluctuations. So good water values stand or fall with good alkalinity.

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Test kits for pool maintenance

Using a pool tester, you can very easily check the water values of your pool yourself. Based on these results, you will quickly know whether it is necessary to adjust the chlorine or pH levels. Pool maintenance test kits allow you to enjoy a safe swim and are therefore a must in your pool kit.

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Bleach agent for pool water

Taking a splash in murky or green water? No thanks! Everyone prefers to swim in crystal clear water, don't they? Bleach agent or flocculant helps you make a dirty pool wonderfully clear again. Flocculant causes very fine pollutant particles that are too small for the filter pump to clump together. Once these particles have clumped together, you can easily remove them from the pool with a net.

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