Grass seed

Grass seed

At Hermie you can get top quality grass seed from: 

🌱Each grass seed has a different composition and is therefore suitable for specific purposes. You can choose from grass seeds for quick recovery, shade grass, ornamental grass, sports & play grass, robotic mowers, water-saving grass seed.... . Use the filters to find the perfect grass seed to suit your requirements!

💡Tip: Read our best tips for a beautiful green and healthy lawn in our lawn blog. These articles will help you get started with choosing the right grass seed, how to sow your grass etc.:

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The perfect grass seed! 🌱

Suffering from bare spots in your lawn, or simply want to sow a new & fresh turf? Then you've come to the right place! Before you start scattering grass seeds around haphazardly - don't do it anyway! - it is important to choose the right grass seed for your garden. This is where the factors below play a crucial role:

• The function of your lawn

Does your lawn have to endure a lot because of children playing (in that case, choose play and sports lawns), or do you just like "the perfect picture" with a sleek & fine-leaved lawn (here, ornamental lawn is your ideal choice)?

• The soil of your lawn

Are you dealing with a dry sandy soil? Then Water Saver or any other drought-resistant lawn is your lifesaver!

• The location of your lawn

Is your garden surrounded by beautiful trees? Then choose a shade lawn!

But weather conditions also play a major role and are becoming increasingly extreme. Summers, for instance, are getting hotter and drier, resulting in bare spots and heat stress. Thanks to Water Saver or Barenbrug Resilient Blue, you are prepared for these intense weather phenomena. We even have lawn seed in our range with a special SOS technology that allows you to (re)seed your lawn even in winter.

There is a perfect grass mix for every garden!