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Why buy Barenbrug grass seed?

The secret of a beautiful lawn?
Quality grass seed and proper maintenance with the right fertiliser!

The purchase of the right grass seed depends on the type of soil on which the lawn will be planted. type of soil on which the lawn will be laid. This plays a major role in the emergence of your lawn and the prevention of, for example, perennial grass. So don't skimp on your grass seed and choose a high-quality mixture from a top brand such as Barenbrug.

Most grass seed mixtures consist of a combination of different types of grasses:

👉 Lolium perenne (English ryegrass)
👉 Poa Pratensis (field meadow grass)
👉 Festuca rubra (Red fescue)
👉 Agrostis tenuis (Ostrich grass)
👉 Patented grass seed varieties

The difference with a cheap grass seed mixture

  • Cheaper grass seed brands usually only put together one variety or a small number of mixtures. They then indicate that these mixtures can be used for all applications. This allows them to purchase as much as possible in bulk, which saves on costs. In addition, they do not do any development, which means that the newest and best grass seeds are naturally not included in their mixtures. They are also usually trading companies that buy, pack and sell but do not cultivate grass themselves.
  • The seeds in a cheap grass seed mix are often uncoated, which means they are eaten more quickly by birds. Coating seeds also speeds up the germination process and the growth of young grass plants.
  • Finally, the quality of the grass seed itself is, of course, of B-grade. The result: bald patches in the lawn and a poor composition. This gives weeds and street grass free rein. Putting this in order causes a lot of frustration and costs a lot of time and money.

Barenbrug is a leading quality brand in the world of seeds. Their grass seeds are carefully composed and there is a wide choice, depending on the desired application. Barenbrug not only provides quality seed, but also pays great attention to an ecological and sustainable approach. For example, they have created the Green Earth Label. Grass seed mixtures that receive this label save on water, mowing work, fertilisers and pesticides compared to their predecessor.

SOS and RPR technology

In addition to coating, a number of new developments can be used to create a stronger lawn. Two examples are the SOS and RPR technology. 

SOS (Super Over Seeding)

SOS is an innovation that allows the grass seed to come up very quickly, even at very low temperatures. Thus, you can already sow at 6°C, so that you can also sow in the winter months. This enables you, for example, to extend the playability of a sports field during the winter in a sustainable manner.

SOS has already won several innovation awards, and is known to many football clubs as a means of prolonging the playability of fields. And certainly not to be underestimated: thanks to the superfast emergence, the chance of weed growth is again less.


Another interesting innovation is RPR, a self-healing ryegrass that grows and sprouts very quickly. Normally, grasses are all individual blades (plants). The RPR-grass, however, will form horizontal offshoots like the strawberry plant, for example.

The benefits:

  • Very strongly anchored in the ground because the grasses are connected to each other and to the soil. So you get a very strong play and sports lawn!
  • Very fast emergence
  • You get a very dense and strong turf so weeds and street grasses have less chance!

Don't know which grass seed mixture to choose?

Which type of grass seed you should choose depends on the purpose of your lawn.

  • Is the lawn often walked on by children playing? Then choose a play and sports mixture. This ensures a strong and beautiful lawn. Preferably choose a mixture with RPR technology.
  • Is your grass the eye-catcher in the garden? Then it is better to choose an ornamental lawn, which results in stylish and elegant grass.
  • Do you have an existing lawn but is damaged? Then choose a repair mixture. Do you want to do this in colder temperatures (below 15°)? Then grass seed with SOS technology is the best option!

Less mowing and water consumption

Grass seeds come in many varieties. There is something for everyone. So do a few
specials that have been introduced at the request of many customers such as the "Mow Saver" and "Water Saver".

• Mow saver

Makes it easier to mow the grass. This saves time but also waste. With this product, the lawn needs to be mowed 35% less often than normal. It ensures low-growing grass with a rapid establishment. Thanks to this rapid establishment and germination, a dense green turf is quickly created after sowing. This is not only very attractive but also keeps weeds at bay. Mow Saver also works ideally with robotic mowers.

• Water saver

Prevents prolonged drought from  prolonged drought will damage your turf. The mixture consists of reed fescue, common ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. The latter is known for its ability to recover after a dry period. The reed fescue ensures deep rooting, which causes the grass to draw water from deeper layers. It then stores that water and sugar in its roots as reserves for dry periods. With this product up to 70% of the total amount of irrigation water can be saved.

• Shadow & sun

As the name suggests, it performs well in both shady and sunny gardens. It provides a dense turf, avoiding bare spots. An additional benefit is that this grass seed prevents moss formation. This variety is very resistant to children playing.

Do you have problems with street grass in your lawn? Read the solutions here

Special coating for difficult or water-repellent soils

Are you having trouble getting a nice lawn because of your water-repellent soil? Then we recommend the Yellow Jacket Water Manager. With its revolutionary technology, a coating is formed around the grass seeds that creates the ideal growing conditions. This coating ensures good moisture management, resulting in optimal germination and establishment.

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