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Pesky insects such as the box tree moth, Colorado potato beetle, leatherjackets, grubs or ants are a real nuisance in your garden. They eat your garden completely bare and certainly beetles or flies simply get on your nerves as well. Fortunately, at Hermie we have various (natural) remedies to combat these pesky insects or diseases such as fungi.

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Protection and medication against diseases

Plants that let their leaves droop or turn completely brown. It's an image no garden lover likes to see. Especially not if you have taken great care of your plants with love. Diseases such as various fungi, white disease, rust, scab, grape felt mite or the potato blight spread at lightning speed, affecting the health of the plants. Hermie has the solution in the garden pharmacy. There are several pesticides available against plant diseases. You can buy disease control products if your plants already suffer from mildew or scabies, for example, or protect your plants preventively.

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Unfortunately, you are not the only one enjoying your vegetable garden. Pesky guests - who did not receive an invitation to the garden party🌹 - are also only too happy to drop by. For beetles, grubs or leatherjackets, for example, a full lawn or lush vegetable garden is a true paradise. But you obviously want these pests as far away from your garden as possible. By deploying insect parasitic nematodes, you combat them with their natural enemy, causing them to die in no time. Note: a different type of nematode is needed for each pest insect!

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Beneficial insects and natural enemies

A lot of annoying insects in your garden, greenhouse or indoors can easily be controlled with... other insects 🐞. With the help of ichneumon wasps, for example, you can stop whiteflies in your greenhouse, predatory mites fight blood lice and ladybirds fight aphids. The Hermie garden pharmacy therefore contains larvae, pupae and eggs of insects that attack harmful insects without causing damage to your garden, greenhouse or kitchen garden.

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Pheromones and traps

Moths or other insects 🪲 in your garden can be controlled organically and sustainably using pheromone traps. They ensure that harmful populations of, for example, codling moth, cherry fly or buxus moth decrease. A decreasing population naturally results in less damage. Pheromone traps release pheromones that attract a specific insect. For example, males are captured, preventing the females from fertilising and reducing the population. In Hermie's garden pharmacy, you will find pheromone traps for all kinds of moths and other insects.

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