Swimming pools

Looking for a cooling dip? 🏊 Then you've come to the right place! 

At Hermie, you will find the widest range of inflatable and surface-mounted pools to splash around in. Or how about a DIY kit to decorate your above-ground pool with a nice terrace or bar?! For the little ones, there is a wide choice of play centres, equipped with refreshing sprinklers, fun water slides and original water games! 

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Poolboy Marcel is ready for you! Check out Marcel's pool guide full of useful tips & tricks!

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Which pool will you choose? The choice is vast!

Looking to cool down, but don't know which pool to choose? Our poolboy Marcel is already eager to advise you!

A constructed pool or an inflatable version?

Do you still have small children, do you want to set up the pool within minutes or do you have to make do with a small courtyard/terrace? Then an inflatable pool is perfect for you! The little ones can splash around safely and won't get hurt thanks to the inflatable edge. Moreover, the inflatable pool inflates in a matter of seconds, does not take up much space and requires almost no fin - er, finger - lifting! Inflatable pools come in all sorts of colours, striking prints, shapes and even with a protective shade roof! 

An above ground pool is perfect for active people who like to swim laps and water rats with a larger garden. Moreover, you can also organise a great pool party, and the pool is big enough for the whole family! Standing pools are a lot sturdier than the inflatable varieties and can take a beating. They last much longer and are therefore more durable. The above-ground pools take a little longer to set up (usually 1 to 3 hours), but they are worth it! This type of pool requires a bit more maintenance so always keep a close eye on your pH and chlorine levels (measuring is knowing! 😉 ). The above-ground pools often come in handy sets with a matching filter pump, cover or ladder so you have everything you need to enjoy a clean & fresh dive! 

Would you like to pimp your above-ground pool with a beautiful wooden terrace, lounge bench or trendy bar? Then discover our DIY kits from Simpools here! So you can enjoy a luxurious dream pool at an affordable price.

Will you choose a round, oval or rectangular pool?

Choosing the shape of your pool is not easy. Each shape has its pros and cons, we list them so you can make a thoughtful choice! 


✅ quick placement ✅ cosy ✅ sturdy
❌ takes up a lot of space


✅ ideal for the smaller (urban) garden ✅ suitable for taking laps
❌ less cosy 


✅ space-saving compared to a round pool ✅ better light circulation ✅ suitable for swimming laps
❌ takes up more space than a rectangular one

Any more tips & tricks? Then dive into our pool guide! Or read how to summerproof your pool here!