Lawn maintenance

A green and healthy lawn needs quite a bit of maintenance. You need to reseed it regularly, fertilise, scarify to remove moss and thatch and, of course, mow. With the right maintenance, your lawn will grow well, but you obviously don't want the grass to reach your knees. Hermie's spreaders, lawn mowers, robotic mowers scarifiers, grass trimmers, grass shears and cutters will help you with your lawn maintenance. So the grass is always greener in your own garden, and not across the street 😉. 

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Lawn mowers

When it comes to lawnmowers, you can choose from 3 different types for your lawn care needs, namely electric lawnmowers, petrol lawnmowers and battery-powered lawnmowers. Which lawnmower is the best match depends a lot on the size of your garden. For a large garden, a lawnmower with a large battery or a 'classic' petrol lawnmower is recommended. A smaller garden works best with a lawnmower with a small battery or electric lawnmower.

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Grass trimmers

With a grass trimmer, you can get to all the places your lawnmower cannot reach. Even the sides of the lawn are often difficult to cut with a lawnmower, especially if the grass surface is enclosed by a fence. Using a grass trimmer, you can quite easily maintain a large area of your lawn.

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Grass shears and cutters

Grass shears are the little brother of grass trimmers: with grass shears - battery-powered or not - you can easily maintain the edges of your lawn. They provide a clean, trimmed finish. Grass trimmers help you cut lawn edges neatly, smoothly and, above all, straight.

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Robot mowers

Sometimes you simply lack the time to adequately maintain your lawn. In that case, you can feel free to let a robotic mower do the work. Such a robotic mower mows your lawn daily, so it always looks perfect. That way, you can enjoy your lawn and your free time 😉.

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Sowing, liming or fertilising by hand is not easy. This lawn maintenance has to be done extremely precisely which is quite difficult by hand. A spreader cart helps you spread lime or fertiliser, for example, evenly and quickly so that your lawn care literally runs on wheels.

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By scarifying with a scarifier or rake, you can easily keep your lawn healthy. You give your lawn oxygen and nutrients and moisture can easily penetrate the soil. Scarifying once or twice a year is an easy way to maintain your lawn and keep it healthy.

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