Pool cleaning

Keeping your pool clean is not only good for the pool, but also for you. A dirty pool gives bacteria the chance to grow faster. Even if chlorine levels are up to par, these bacteria can cause wounds to become inflamed, for example. Moreover, a pool full of blades of grass, sand or leaves simply does not look pleasant. After all, everyone prefers to swim in a clean pool. In order to keep your pool clean, a cleaning session is really necessary from time to time. Which pool cleaning method is the best match for you depends, among other things, on the size of your pool.

Making your pool summer-ready or, on the other hand, winter-proof? Just like that with Marcel's tips! 🏊

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Electric pool hoover vs pool robot

A robotic hoover and a robotic mower are familiar to everyone by now. But a swimming pool robot is a little less known. However, the principle is pretty much the same. A pool robot sucks up dirt and cleans the bottom. They are therefore also called pool-bottom cleaners. Some types also clean the edges of the pool. Pool robots autonomously drive around the bottom of the pool and automatically turn around if they drive against the edge. With the exception of a few models, pool robots are powered by the filter pump.

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⚠️ NOTE: Please check the product specifications to see which filter pumps your favourite pool robot is compatible with. Don't have a filter pump or is it not powerful enough? Then you better go for an electric pool hoover. 

You will soon find that the prices of electric pool hoovers from Intex, for example, vary widely. This is because there are a lot of different specifications. For instance, some pool vacuums are suitable for built-in pools while others are not. Furthermore, the maximum size of the pool is also an important factor, as is battery life if it is a pool hoover that does not operate on the basis of the filter pump. In fact, there are also pool vacuums that are controlled by your filter pump. Other important aspects are tank and filter capacity.

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Scoop nets and brushes for the pool

To quickly remove floating debris from your pool, it is best to use a pool scoop net. A good pool scoop net is really indispensable in your complete pool maintenance kit. Note that there is a difference between scoop nets to remove surface dirt or dirt on the bottom of the pool. To remove dirt on the bottom of the pool, you will need a telescopic handle. This is not always included. 

With a pool brush, you can easily remove limescale, algae and other debris that has attached itself to the waterline. With a manual brush, you can also perfectly polish the small spots your pool robot or electric pool hoover missed.

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