Filters and pumps

Some accessories for your pool are nice to have or simply handy, think of a cover, a footbath or a thermometer, for example. Other accessories are simply highly necessary. Filter pumps for your pool belong to the latter category. A pool pump keeps your pool clean using filters - which is why it is also called a filter pump - and at the same time provides water circulation. This prevents the formation of algae and fungus by allowing the added maintenance products to do their job better.

Filters and circulates the water in your pool
Resistant to chlorine
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Sand filter pumps vs cartridge filter pumps

You may have already noticed that there are two types of filter pumps for your pool, namely sand filter pumps and cartridge filter pumps. The difference is pretty obvious. With sand filter pumps, your pool water is filtered using filtration sand, with cartridge filter pumps this is done using cartridges. Both types of filter pumps first draw in the pool water and then pump it back. The method of filtration is the main difference.

Sand filter pump

  • Removes even the smallest dirt 
  • Suitable for larger pools 
  • Possibility of replacing filtration sand with environmentally friendly filter balls 
  • Easy to connect and maintain

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Cartridge filter pump

  • Removes dust and dirt particles 
  • Suitable for smaller pools up to ± 35000 litres 
  • Easy to connect and maintain 
  • Cartridge must be replaced every two weeks

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Salt water systems

Are you allergic to chlorine that causes itchy or red eyes? Then you will definitely benefit from a salt water system. Such a salt electrolysis system is a kind of filter pump that converts salt into natural chlorine. Algae and bacteria are killed, but you do not suffer the effects of chemical chlorine.

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