Parts and repair

Sometimes something does break on your swimming pool. Nothing lasts forever, so a broken part of your pool or pool installation is unavoidable. If there is a crack in your inflatable or above-ground pool, in most cases you can easily repair it yourself using a pool repair kit. Other parts you may need are hoses, casings and possibly reducers. It is possible that your current ones have simply had their time or maybe you need new ones because your pool and filter pump or hoover are not fully compatible. That's why you'll find various pool parts and pool repair kits at Hermie Online.

Pool pipes and hoses

When you purchase a filter pump, it will always come with a pool hose. This is normal because otherwise you cannot use them. However, such a pool hose has a fixed length. 1 to 1.5 metres is about average. By choosing a longer pool hose, you can move your pool filter pump further away if you want to. A longer pool hose is also handy if you want to connect it to a pool hoover, for instance. Because the hose is a lot longer, you have a longer reach so can get all spots totally clean. If you want to connect a 32 mm diameter pool hose to a 38 mm diameter installation or vice versa, this is no problem either, using our handy adapters.

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Pool repair kits

Intex, Bestway and Exit Toys pools and spas are top quality. Yet an accident is always lurking around the corner, causing, for example, you to pass something sharp along the liner of your pool. Before you know it, there is a crack in the pool. This could be on the outside or the inside. Fortunately, a small crack certainly doesn't have to be disastrous. We have several Intex and Bestway pool repair kits in the range that will make it fairly easy for you to repair the crack in your pool or inflatable water toy yourself.

TIP: Always make sure you have a spare pool repair kit. Better safe than sorry! 😉

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Note: Not all repair kits are suitable for use underwater, while others can even be applied underwater. So check the instructions for use of the pool repair kits to check whether the water needs to be taken out of the pool first or not.