A swimming pool in the garden involves a lot. Besides the pool itself, you also need to invest in a filter pump. If you want to enjoy a pleasant water temperature during cooler temperatures, pool heating is necessary. Equipment for cleaning your pool and maintaining the water level in your pool are also essential. And of course, water toys are a top priority for the little ones. Then again, other accessories are not really necessary, but they can certainly come in handy. Discover all swimming pool accessories here. 👇

Swimming pool thermometers

The average pool temperature that everyone finds comfortable is around 27 to 28°C. You can set your pool heat pump to that temperature, but to know what the water temperature really is, you need a pool thermometer. Such a pool thermometer is often equipped with a lanyard so that you can hang it on your pool ladder, for instance, and thus keep it in a fixed place in the pool. There are classic and digital pool thermometers.

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Swimming pool ladders

There is a difference between pool ladders or steps for a surface-mounted pool and an in-ground pool. In our range, you will only find pool steps for a surface-mounted pool. Perhaps the most important variable when choosing a pool ladder is the depth of your pool. For each swimming pool ladder, you will find the height of the ladder itself and/or the maximum height of the frame. There are pool ladders where you simply have steps on both sides and others where there is a platform at the top. The steps have non-slip coating to avoid accidents. With most pool steps, you can remove the steps or flip up the side that is not in the water. This way, you avoid small children using the pool ladder unsupervised.

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Pool lighting

Nothing like an evening swim party. The right pool lighting is vital for that. It certainly gives your Intex or Bestway pool an extra touch. There are a few different options. 

  • A waterfall including lighting, on and on cosiness. These pool lights are provided for the edge of the pool and are connected to the pool filter pump 
  • A solar LED light thats floats on the water. This pool light works on solar energy and the lamp is under water. This gives a very nice effect.
  • Installing pool lights in the pool wall is obviously not possible in a surface-mounted pool. You can, however, install them on the pool edge using magnets. The effect is obviously the same.

Various pool accessories

The various pool accessories include a pool footbath and a pool skimmer. A footbath is handy for rinsing your feet before entering the pool. This prevents, for instance, blades of grass from getting into the pool. A skimmer is a kind of catch basin for floating debris. Leaves, for example, can be disposed of this way.

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