Marcel’s swimming pool guide 🏊

Looking for a swimming pool for your garden or terrace to enjoy a cooling dive in the water during the hot summer days?
At Hermie you find the widest range of above ground pools to place temporarily or permanently outside.

Our favourites: 

Intex is one of the largest players in the field of inflatable swimming pools. When you choose Intex, you choose top quality and years of enjoyment. Intex offers a huge range of models for both children and adults in different price ranges. You can order small, medium and large pools at the Hermie webshop that fit in every garden or terrace. There are also many possibilities in terms of shape: round, rectangular, square... There is something for everyone!

Did you know that: Hermie is an Official Recognised Intex Dealer? So you can buy the entire Intex range at the sharpest prices! 

Bestway is dedicated to bringing joy into people's lives. With innovative and high quality products, Bestway makes moments of well-being and fun possible for people of all ages, all over the world. 
We recently upgraded to Official Recognised Bestway Dealer, making out webshop the best place to find the largest Bestway range at convenient prices!

Besides Intex and Bestway, we also have Swim Essentials swimming pools in our range.

Intex Bestway Swim Essentials 

Intex Metal Frame above ground pool - rectangular - 300 x 200 x 75cm
€119.00 €99.00
Intex Prism Frame above ground pool - round - Ø305 x H76 cm
€124.99 €99.00

Models and sizes

An inflatable 
baby or kiddie pool provides endless splashing fun for toddlers, preschoolers and young children. Thanks to the low edge (read: child safety) you can rest easy and let your little ones play all day! The very low cost is a nice bonus!

Moreover, we also have water parks for the little ones in our range. These guarantee hours of splashing fun (unfortunately only suitable for your mini, mums & dads 😜). It can't get too crazy: from a sweet & colourful candy world to a beastly jungle, raawr! Splash down the water slide, cool off under the refreshing water sprinklers or play a game of ring toss in the water.

Discover our play centres here

Our "standard" polyester above-ground pools are perfect for families with children who are a little older. They can already swim and like to have a larger swimming area. With a metal wall, there is also a sturdy structure. Ideal if there are other children playing in the neighbourhood and you want to use a slide or some air mattresses during an afternoon of water fun.

Could it be more or are you a real swimming pool fanatic? Then go for the Ultra XTR series by Intex: luxurious, stable and durable above-ground pools in a modern, anthracite frame, including a set with all matching supplies and accessories. Thanks to the innovative design, you can easily set up your pool and the dirt is filtered much more effectively thanks to the included sand filter pump. In addition, both the inside and outside of the frame are powder-coated, making the pool resistant to rust and other weather influences.

Intex Sunset Glow inflatable pool - round - Ø114 x H25 cm
€9.99 €6.99
Temporarily unavailable
Intex Candy Zone Play Pool - 295x191x130cm

Do I choose a round, rectangular or oval pool?

We list the pros and cons of each type of pool so you can make an easy choice!

  • Round:
    β˜‘οΈ quick placement β˜‘οΈ cosy β˜‘οΈ sturdy
    ❎ takes up a lot of space

  • Rectangular:
    β˜‘οΈ ideal for the smaller (city) garden β˜‘οΈ good choice for sportsmen who like to swim
    ❎ less cosy ❎ needs reinforcement

  • Oval:
    β˜‘οΈ space-saving compared to a round pool β˜‘οΈ round shapes provide better light circulation β˜‘οΈ suitable for swimming laps
    ❎ less space-saving than a rectangular pool 

Tip from Marcel:
Are you a real bubble fan? Check out our nice (jetstream) spas - also available with mood lighting!

Intex Ultra XTR Frame Set above-ground pool - rectangular - 732 x 366 x 132 cm
€1,399.00 €979.02
Intex Prism Frame Set above ground pool - oval - 503 x 274 x 122 cm
€799.99 €729.03

Musthaves for a clean pool!

With these essentials, you can enjoy a refreshing swim even longer!

To measure is to know!

Use test strips to keep a close eye on the pool values (pH, chlorine & alkaline value). This way you can safely enjoy a fresh splash and the water will stay clean longer.

Tip: first adjust the pH value so the chlorine can be absorbed properly.

Want to read more about how to make your pool summer proof?Then be sure to read our blog "A summer-ready pool in 5 steps"!

The filter pump: the engine of your pool!

filter pump not only cleans your pool from debris, but also ensures better circulation of the pool water so that maintenance products work better. So your pool products last longer & that is also good for your wallet!

Don't know which pump to choose? πŸ‘‡

  • A cartridge filter pump mainly stops coarse dirt & is therefore ideal for a small to medium-sized pool. This pump works with cartridges that should be replaced every 2 weeks.
  • A sand filter pump filters more precisely & is ideal for a medium to large pool. The filtration sand lasts for several seasons, and you can also use glass beads or filter balls. 

Intex filtercatridge A - set of 2 pieces
Filter pump 12V - 3407L/U
€84.99 €69.00
Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump 4 - 4.5mΒ³/h
€219.00 €179.01

Meet the robots

After all that splashing & those water games, there can be a lot of dirt floating around in your pool. πŸ‚

pool robot removes sand, blades of grass & insects from the pool floor, without you having to do a thing!

Attention: always check whether your pump is powerful enough to drive the robot. Don't have a filter pump or one that is too light? Then a (rechargeable) pool cleaner is the ideal solution!

Even with a scoop net, those dirty leaves are easily picked up!

We also recommend these accessories πŸ‘‡

Cover sheet

Our pool covers keep your pool free of floating leaves (and other debris like insects), saving you water. The temperature of the water also drops less, which is efficient and beneficial when you use an Intex Solar mat or heat pump to heat the water in your pool.

The difference between a tarpaulin & solar cover? πŸ‘‡

  • A solar cover floats on the water and aims to warm up the pool, but also to retain this warmth for longer. A solar cover is therefore smaller than the surface area of your pool. Thanks to a solar cover, your pool is heated in an environmentally-friendly (& cheap!) way, and the pool cools down less quickly during the night hours. The cover also protects your pool from dirt, but because the cover floats on the water, leaves can still float at the edge of the pool. Want to fully protect your pool from falling leaves? Then you need a cover!
  • A cover is larger than your pool & you tighten it over the edge of the pool. It keeps the pool free from falling leaves (and other debris like insects) & allows you to enjoy clear water longer.

Cover for intex frame pool rectangular 450x220cm
Cover for intex metal frame pool dia. 366cm
€16.99 €13.99
Rectangular cover 300x201cm for above ground pool Splash
€11.15 €10.04


During cooler periods it is not easy to keep an above ground pool on temperature without a heat pump. At Hermie you can order energy saving coverssolar covers, heat mats and covers to keep your pool water warm for a longer time.

These are by the way the most environmentally friendly products and foils for (limited) solar heating.

Intex Solar Heat Mat 120X120cm solar heater for pool water
€24.99 €23.74
Temporarily unavailable
Solar cover insulating tarpaulin Ø366cm
Hermie's choice
Bestway Electric pool heater for pools up to Ø457 cm


Do you need accessories (e.g. a handy ladder), (spare) parts or water toys? You can order these in our webshop in just a few clicks! For smaller pools you can also find matching foot pumpsladderspool chairs, inflatable figuresfilter cartridges and many more cool things.

Do you still have questions or would you like to receive more information? Then don't hesitate to contact the swimming pool specialists of the Hermie customer service.They will be happy to help you! πŸ‘

Gift advice! 🎁
Intex inflatable donut 107 x 99 cm
Gift advice! 🎁
Unicorn Ride-On (2.01Mx1.4Mx97cm)
Temporarily unavailable
Lounge River Run To Connect 130x126cm

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