Choose your perfect artificial Christmas tree!

The star of Christmas, of course, is the magnificent (oh) pine tree! 🎄
With an artificial Christmas tree, you choose the 'perfect' Christmas tree, with no maintenance or clean-up. Nice and easy!
What's more, they are indistinguishable from the real thing and come in all sorts of sizes & colours. 

We give you some handy tips so that you can pick your best artificial Christmas tree, effortlessly!

The advantages of our artificial Christmas trees

🎄 The tree will stay looking beautiful (green) and fresh for years to come

🎄 Ideal for festively decorating your home, shop, restaurant, hotel or business!

🎄 No maintenance required

🎄 An artificial tree is cheaper & more durable in the long run

🎄 Also available in flashy colours, with built-in LED lights, decoration or a fluffy layer of snow

🎄 Easy to assemble and store

🎄 The Christmas tree stands securely in its Christmas tree base or stand

🎄 Delivered to your home - no dragging or having to brave the busy garden centre!

Check out all our wonderful artificial Christmas trees!

Buy an artificial Christmas tree at Hermie & enjoy years of (lasting) pleasure!

No more braving busy garden centres every year in your search for a real Christmas tree, which also leaves a trail of needles & gives you a lot of tidying up to do!

Our fake trees are made of high-quality plastic (PE) that lasts a very long time, so our artificial Christmas tree will adorn your living room for several years. The Christmas tree looks equally beautiful every year and is easy to assemble. A sustainable alternative to a real Christmas tree, which you will also enjoy for years!

But how can an artificial tree be sustainable?

It does indeed seem strange that a plastic product can be more sustainable than a natural product, which is why we would like to give you some additional explanation. Producing an artificial Christmas tree requires more energy and raw material than the real deal. But don't forget that that real Christmas tree also needs to be maintained, cut & transported. Moreover, many Christmas tree growers use polluting fertiliser.

Some advice in between: our real Nordmann Christmas trees have no less than 3 ecological certificates in their pockets.

The production of an artificial Christmas tree may be more taxing on the environment but this is then compensated by the longer life span. On average, an artificial tree lasts around 10 years. So it is in the interest of the environment, but also your wallet, that you set up & store your artificial tree with care!

Generally, real Christmas trees are only used for 1 Christmas season & then end up in a Christmas tree incinerator (very polluting) or on the curb for Christmas tree collection. Do you have a real Christmas tree with root ball or in pots? Then it's a good idea to give it a spot in your garden in anticipation of the Christmas season. But this is not obvious because not everyone has green fingers or a garden, and not every Christmas tree is suitable to go back into the ground. While you can bring out that artificial Christmas tree year after year.

A natural look

Our fake trees will take your breath away thanks to their lifelike looks! Our artificial Christmas trees consist of many plastic branches with hard bristly and/or soft flat needles, giving the tree a very natural look. Thanks to the sturdy branches with many tips, the trunk of the tree is hardly visible. So you can always enjoy the perfect, full and realistically shaped Christmas tree. Moreover, this allows the tree to carry extra many baubles, ornaments & garlands to make it fairy-like! More is more!

You don't have to leave it at that for the smell either, as you can easily get that delicious pine scent with our pine spray!

Do you opt for a traditional pine-green tree or prefer a flashy colour?

Do you love a beautiful fir-green Christmas tree, just like in the classic Christmas movies? Or do you prefer something more extravagant with our striking design Christmas trees in all kinds of flashy colours or ombre effects?These come into their own in a pastel & candy-coloured Christmas theme or they are just the eye-catcher in a neutral interior. Something for every budget! 

Green Christmas trees Coloured Christmas trees

Built-in Christmas lights or do you prefer a fluffy layer of snow?

Besides the different colours, you can also opt for a fake Christmas tree with built-in lights (no more hassle with those annoying garlands of lights!). Or how about a Christmas tree with a fluffy layer of snow or frost on the tips of the branches? This will make your home look like an enchanted Winter Wonderland! Some Christmas trees are even already decorated with fun winter elements such as pine cones or red berries. A beautiful winter picture to behold! ❄️

Artificial Christmas trees with lighting Artificial Christmas trees with snow/frost Artificial Christmas trees with decoration

Not much space but want a full-sized Christmas tree in your home? Then opt for these narrow guys!

Our beautiful Bayberry, Utah & Georgia artificial Christmas trees also come in narrow varieties. These green guys are as beautifully & qualitatively finished as the originals but take up less space. Ideal for those who want a full & wonderful Christmas tree but don't have much space (e.g. flat dwellers).

Mini Christmas tree, maxi atmosphere!

Ideal for the kitchen table, in the children's room or to decorate your dorm room/student room during exam time! Thanks to their small size, you can place these mini Christmas trees anywhere for some extra Christmas magic in your home. Moreover, they come in a decorative burlap bag, wooden pot or with a cute bow. 

Advice on setting up the Christmas tree

To give the fake Christmas tree the most natural look possible, it is important to set it up properly. For best results, start at the bottom of the tree (just like when decorating).

Step 1: Fold down the bottom branches so that the stand or base is less visible. Try to get the bottom of the branches as flat as possible (just like a real tree).

Step 2: push down the remaining branches to shape the tree and make sure no open spaces are visible.

Artificial Christmas trees with more branches are slightly more expensive but also fuller and more luxurious.
Advice from Christmas elf Marcel: prefer not to see the Christmas tree base at all? Then drape a Christmas tree skirt over the stand.

Christmas tree ready? Decorate it!

And of course we mean with baubles & ornaments, sweetheart 😉! Bring out those brilliant lights, and throw garlands & baubles around (advice: don't take this too literally!). Top it all off with an impressive spike!

Check out all our beautiful baubles and ornaments here!

How many Christmas lights does my tree need? 

Do you opt for an artificial Christmas tree without built-in lights? Then you still have to hang the garlands of lights yourself! Nothing more annoying than draping your Christmas tree gracefully with the lighting cord, and finding that your cord is too short & you don't have enough lights to make your tree sparkle! To make it easy for you, we have listed the recommended lighting cords with each artificial Christmas tree. This way, you can easily reorder them with one click. Moreover, in the 'Christmas tree lights' category, you can easily filter by 'height of the Christmas tree'. This gives you an overview of the perfect lighting cords for your tree. That's handy!

Advice: always plug in your lights before you start decorating. That will save you a lot of swearing if your lights don't seem to work properly after all, but they are already hanging in the tree...

Click here for more handy tips & tricks, such as the difference between the various types of Christmas tree lights (string, cluster and microcluster lights) & their energy consumption, about our Christmas lights! 

Choose from our stunning Christmas lights here! ✨

Our favourite: the smart Christmas lights from Twinkly! Thanks to these smart Christmas tree lights, your Christmas tree will steal the (light) show! Control your gorgeous Christmas lights with your smartphone & create your own light show. Let's Twinklify your home!

Thanks to the free app, you can control the colour & speed of each LED light individually. So you can create your own unique pattern! Did you know you can even tune your Christmas lights to the rhythm of your favourite Christmas tunes? For this, you can buy the Twinkly music dongle separately. Moreover, thanks to the RGB(W) colour system, you can choose from more than 16 million colours! Are you already getting selection stress?

Twinklify your home!

Is Christmas over? Take it down!

After the festivities, you can easily dismantle & store your artificial Christmas tree in the included cardboard box or in one of our handy storage bags! This way, you can store your beautiful Christmas tree compactly, dust- and dirt-free! Moreover, the storage bags are waterproof, which comes in handy when you want to store your Christmas tree in the cellar, for example.

Advice from Christmas elf Marcel: store your garlands of lights on a coat rack. That way you don't have to spend hours untangling the lights and save yourself a lot of frustration next Christmas season! By the way, you can safely store baubles in an egg carton. You're welcome 😉!

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