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This year you no longer have to join the long queue at the local garden centre or drag a heavy Christmas tree into your car, order your beautiful real Christmas tree online from Hermie in just a few clicks! Your time is precious and the Christmas period is very busy, so we have made it as easy as possible for you to order a live Christmas tree (AA quality!) from the comfort of your home. πŸ‘

What's more, "Norbert the Nordmann" is delivered to your front door so your car stays clean & you no longer have to brave the hustle and bustle of the city! So it's our Christmas mission to minimise your Christmas stress this year & maximise your Christmas spirit, you're welcome! πŸ˜‰

No dragging this year because Hermie will deliver a Christmas tree to your door! 

Order online in just a few clicks!

At Hermie, you shop your perfect Christmas tree in minutes;

🌲 Choose your favourite A-quality tree from 7 different sizes: from cute mini Christmas trees (50 cm) to gorgeous eye-catchers (250 cm).

🌲 Do you need a base, brilliant LED Christmas tree lights or atmospheric Christmas tree decoration? Then you can easily reorder these.

🌲 Choose your delivery date and enter your desired delivery address.

🌲 Pay safely online.

🌲 Our reindeer sleigh ensures next-day delivery!

🌲 Christmas tree there? Time to decorate!

Shop your gorgeous oh Christmas tree now!

Our favourite: the Nordmann

The Abies Nordmanniana, also known as the Caucasian fir (or 'Nordmann'), is known as the 'best' and most durable Christmas tree. It is therefore no wonder that 2 out of 3 Flemish and Dutch families use this charming classic as an eye-catcher in their home during the cold winter months.

This spruce has beautiful & firm needles in a warm, dark green colour. The needles are pleasantly soft (so they do not sting) and beautifully shiny.

Characteristic of this popular conifer is its pyramid shape with shapely layers that are easy to decorate. Its robust, beautifully dense and wide branches can support a lot of baublesornaments and lights. This allows you to enjoy a richly decorated & cosy Christmas tree (just like in the nostalgic Christmas movies!) and bring the magical Christmas atmosphere into your home. Your family and friends will undoubtedly be impressed when you bring this tree variety into your home!

Fact: Nordmann trees are praised for being very suitable for people with allergies! They give off very little scent, which is why they are also often used in shops (the downside of this is that you have to provide the typical pine scent yourself but this can easily be done with our delicious pine scent spray or winter scented candles!). Moreover, you can easily give your Christmas tree a fluffy layer of snow with our snow spray. This will make it look just like a magical Winter Wonderland! ❄️

Order now, shipped tomorrow at the latest
Snow spray 300ml - ideal for the Christmas tree!
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Scentsicles Christmas ornament fragrance sticks - Spiced Pine Cones - 6 pieces

Still having doubts? We list all the pros and cons for you!

βž• most durable tree

βž• sturdy, soft needles

βž• full branches (read: lots of decoration!)

βž• easy to maintain (tip: choose a Christmas tree base with water reservoir)

βž• beautiful, dark green colour

βž– limited pine smell (but there are scent sprays for that, of course!)

βž– slightly more expensive than the less full and less quality trees

Also discover our other real Christmas trees!

β€’ The Norway spruce (Picea abies)

The Picea abies, or Norway spruce, has been known as the traditional Christmas fir for decades. It has a typical pyramid shape that makes it beautifully full at the bottom & pointed at the top. The branches of this green boy can therefore support a lot of ornaments & garlands. This Christmas tree has a classic green pine colour, as well as prickly needles.

Perhaps the best thing about this Christmas fir is its classic pine scent! So you can sniff the scent of an enchanting Winter Wonderland even indoors!

β€’ The Serbian spruce (Picea omorika)

The Picea omorika, or Serbian spruce, is distinguished from other Christmas trees by its blue-grey coloured needles. These remain longer than those of the common Christmas spruce, but do prickle. The Omorika is somewhat narrower and more compact in shape, making it ideal for adding the necessary Christmas atmosphere to a smaller room (such as a flat, dorm room...). It also provides a lovely fresh aroma in your home. It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas!


At Hermie, you can buy Christmas trees from 50 to 250 centimetres (total height = from the base of the trunk to the top peak) in every price range (from cheap to luxury/exclusive)! However, a Christmas tree is a natural product and therefore unique. The actual tree may therefore vary slightly in terms of dimensions. However, our Christmas trees meet very high quality standards, so only minor deviations are accepted.

Thanks to the wide choice of sizes, you have the perfect Christmas tree for every location! From a small but fine specimen to decorate your dorm room (make it cosy during that stressful examination period!) to imposing spruces to add a festive touch to your shop/hotel/restaurant.

Check out all our sizes here!

Durable trees

Hermie's Nordmann firs come from Scandinavia. Our grower in Denmark πŸ‡©πŸ‡° personally selects the best & highest quality trees based on colour, symmetry & full branches. By the way, all trees are cut only a few days before delivery, so we can offer you the freshest tree possible (as if you would pick it up from the forest yourself). So you can be sure you will get the most beautiful tree you have ever seen!

Did you know that our Christmas trees carry no less than 3 ecological certificates?

Including the "Climate Tree Certificate", which means that all trees are produced according to strict standards and conditions. These tree growers have at least 50% permanent mixed forest (including wild nature), which helps generate a much larger fauna and natural absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2)! So your tree is ecologically cultivated! πŸ‘

Shipping & transport

Next day delivery!
We understand that you are full of impatience after ordering a beautiful Christmas tree. And you are right! That is why we guarantee next-day delivery in Belgium! After ordering, your Christmas tree will be sparkling at your door the very next day!

*Please note: next day delivery only applies to Christmas trees in stock. Do you reserve a Christmas tree in advance in the pre-sale? Then you can find the delivery date on your order form.

Live tracking; follow your parcel closely!
Have you ordered a Christmas tree? Then expect the live tracking code in your mailbox between 10 am and 11 am. This allows you to follow the courier's route to your home live. Moreover, you can see how many stops the courier still has to make & when your parcel will be delivered. How convenient!

Our transporter Transforce mainly delivers in the evening between 4 pm and 10 pm. Ideal if you work in an office or still have a lot of Christmas shopping to do!

Safely packed!
Every Christmas tree is delivered in a double net and with protection at the bottom. This ensures that our beautiful Christmas trees keep their shape. Tip: upon receipt, cut open the net from the trunk upwards.

Please note: as this is a live product, it is not possible to return real Christmas trees.


Our trees are delivered without root ball, which means they are cut on the trunk. This allows you to place the tree straight and stable in a Christmas tree stand or base. By the way, we have sturdy Christmas tree stands in various colours (gold, green, grey...) in our range that you can easily operate with a foot pedal.

With four independently tightened clamps, you can be sure that the Christmas tree is firmly attached - even if the trunk is not perfectly round (which is usually not the case with a natural product). The base contains a large water tank (usually 2.5 L) with highly visible water level indicator and has a safety lock so you can't accidentally open it. And to prove that these are top quality too, you get a 5-year warranty with them!

Order now, shipped tomorrow at the latest
Green Christmas tree base with screw clamp - suitable for Christmas trees up to 210 cm (with water reservoir)
Order now, shipped tomorrow at the latest
Ecopots Christmas tree base XL - grey Ø 50cm
Order now, shipped tomorrow at the latest
Ecopots Christmas tree base XL - white grey Ø 50cm

Care: this is how to enjoy your green Christmas friend for as long as possible!

Our Christmas trees are only wonderfully beautiful but also last a long time so you can enjoy them extra long! You can keep them for a long time and prevent needle loss with our handy tips: 

🌲 We mainly recommend never placing the Christmas tree too close to a heating source (such as chauffage, fireplace... ).

🌲 The warmer, the faster the tree dries out and it drops its needles (but even dry it looks like a live tree).

🌲 First let the tree acclimatise for a day in the garage or in another cool room (storage room, veranda...) so that the transition from cold to warm is not too big. Just be patient! 

🌲 Place the spruce in a holder with a water reservoir (such as one of Hermie's feet - see "Installation") so it can always absorb water via its trunk. Remember to check the water level daily; a Christmas tree in the house can absorb up to more than a litre of water a day!

🌲 Good humidity (e.g. with a humidifier) and limited draughts ensure that the tree remains beautiful for longer.

🌲 Pruning is not necessary unless a branch is in the way or too long.

Need more information?

Do you still have questions? Then be sure to contact Hermie's customer service at or +32 9 396 59 00.
Our winter elves will make sure all your requirements are met πŸ‘Œ.

Some of our VIP references

santa claus

Santa Claus

"Ho Ho Ho, for years I have been working with Hermie for the freshest, fullest and most beautiful green Christmas trees. Always been very satisfied with the helpdesk where 2 little Christmas elves answer all questions! I will definitely order again this year!"

St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas

"Very satisfied with Hermie's service last year! I was completely exhausted myself because I had to deliver 15,000,000 packages and they delivered my Christmas tree quickly to my door! Definitely a recommendation!"


Rudolph the reindeer

"We could count on the help of the Hermie team to deliver several Christmas trees to numerous families! We could choose the size of the Christmas tree, the payment method and the delivery date all on the computer from our stable! Really great!"

Prefer no maintenance or looking for a more durable alternative? Then you better opt for an artificial Christmas tree. Thanks to our fake Christmas trees, you don't need to sweep up needles (nice and easy!) & you will enjoy a durable and beautiful tree for years! Moreover, the artificial Christmas trees come in all kinds of designs; will you choose a classic pine-green Christmas tree, an artificial Christmas tree with a fluffy layer of snow or do you prefer a flashy pink colour?

Choose from our beautiful artificial Christmas trees here!

Can't get enough of Christmas either?
πŸŽ… Then take a look in our Christmas shop & turn your home into a magical Christmas paradise! Christmas is coming! 

Or read our tips on how to enjoy your beautiful Christmas tree for as long as possible πŸ‘‡ 

Happy holidays!

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