A magical Christmas with Fairybell® flagpole Christmas trees

Experience a magical Christmas with our beautifully lit flagpole Christmas trees!
Do you dream of a Christmas just like in the movies? Then let yourself be enchanted by this magnificent eye-catcher in your garden during the dark winter days.
Let's light up your world (& that of your neighbours 😉 )!

The advantages of our Fairybell® flagpole Christmas tree 🎄

• Atmospheric during the dark winter months
• An enchanting light show for any garden, business premises, hotel, restaurant, event...
• Energy-efficient & magic lights (= low energy consumption)
• Easy & quick installation thanks to the hoisting system (no more hassle with annoying light garlands & ladders!)
• Resistant to all kinds of weather conditions
• Dutch & high quality manufacturing

An enchanting light show for any garden, business premises or hotel!

Our illuminated 3D Christmas trees transform any garden into a true Christmas paradise. But they are also highly recommended for adding sparkle to your business premises, restaurant, hotel, shop, event.... With such a magical eye-catcher, your business premises will attract attention from afar! So don't just think about a festive shop window, hallway or entrance hall, but bring the magic of Christmas outside too. Feeling merry & bright!

Buy your Fairybell®

The illuminated trees are available in sizes from 2 m to 12 m. Fairybell® trees from 200 to 600 cm come with a flagpole (pole, pegs and a metal ground stake), very handy! Do you opt for a tree larger than 600 cm? Then you can purchase a suitable aluminium flagpole separately here.

Do you already have a flagpole in the garden? Then choose a Fairybell® luminous Christmas tree that is 1 size smaller than your pole. The garlands of light do not have to be hoisted all the way to the top.

Do you opt for the classic & always stylish warm white lights, or could it be a bit more playful with our multicoloured trees? Moreover, there are also variants that blink delightfully, a real eye-catcher in the garden. Twinkle all the way! ✨

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Energy-efficient lights

Of course we don't want to save on Christmas spirit, but we do want to save in our wallet! Fairybell® Christmas trees are equipped with high-quality LED technology. This makes the lights energy-efficient, which is a must with today's high electricity prices.

But how much does such an illuminated Christmas tree cost?
That depends of course on the number of LED lights in the tree, your electricity tariff & the number of hours you leave the lights on. Below you can already find an average price, based on an electricity rate of €0.90 per kWh and 6 hours of burning time per day.

• Flagpole trees from 200 cm to 600 cm cost on average €1.62/month.
• Trees from 600 cm to 1200 cm cost on average €3.24/month.

Not only your Christmas spirit but also your energy bill will be happy about this!

Tip from Marcel:
Keep an eye on your energy consumption thanks to our smart plug! (only suitable for the Netherlands). Moreover, with this plug, you can also control your Fairybell® via voice with Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Very handy!

Setting up the Christmas tree? Just like that!

The flagpole Christmas tree can be placed on a soft surface, such as the lawn or a flowerbed. Would you rather place the Christmas lights on a hard surface? That's possible thanks to this handy Christmas tree ring!

Setting up the Fairybell® Christmas tree is easy and takes no more than 15 to 30 minutes. Minimum effort for maximum Christmas enjoyment! You do not need any tools (or a handyman/woman), because this Christmas tree can be hoisted up as easily as a flagpole. So no hassle with annoying garlands of lights or wobbly ladders! The light strands are connected to a special weatherproof transformer (31V) which can be easily connected to the power network, with a timer in between if required. Naturally, these illuminated Christmas trees can withstand weather & wind (and snow, of course!). Only in stormy weather are we advised to take the Christmas tree down. Brrrrring the winter on! ❄️

No room or garden for such a large luminous tree?

No problem because Fairybell® has come up with a solution for that too with its All Surface line. This consists of dazzling 3D Christmas trees with a tripod (ground cross). The advantage is that these trees can be placed on a hard surface. So ideal for flat dwellers with a balcony or (roof) terrace! These Christmas trees with tripod come in heights of 150 cm, 200 cm or 300 cm.

Moreover, they also have charming door & wall Christmas trees in their range. During the day, these Christmas trees do not stand out, but when night falls, you will enjoy a beautifully lit (front) door, wall or façade. Now that's what we call giving your guests a warm welcome! The door Christmas tree can be easily attached to your front door thanks to the adjustable strap that does not damage or block your door.

So there is a fairytale alternative for every Christmas lover!

From Dutch soil

The Fairybell® Christmas trees are Dutch-made and made for you with high-quality craftsmanship & a lot of love. This way, you will enjoy this sustainable tree for years, and you will not have to have a spruce cut down every year and get to work with those annoying Christmas tree lights!

A warm welcome!
Christmas atmosphere on your balcony or (roof) terrace
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