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The Christmas season is overflowing with traditions and one of these wonderful traditions is building a fairy-lit Christmas village. ✨ 
This not only provides Christmas atmosphere during the festive season, but is often also a cosy family moment. Moreover, for many collectors, expanding this wonderful Christmas village is a hobby that provides many hours of creative fun every year. The ultimate Christmas lover (and mostly experienced Christmas village builder) even spends days creating this warm & nostalgic Christmas atmosphere. As a child, didn't you also look wide-eyed at those skating figures on the ice rink or carousel with the spinning horses? We are already fans! 

Our favourite: Lemax

Who does not know Lemax's beautiful Christmas houses? This manufacturer of quality miniature villages is known around the world as the brand for unique and highly detailed Christmas decorations at affordable prices.

Whether you're looking for a tiny Christmas doll or an imposing illuminated build with smoke effect & music, there's something for everyone in Lemax's versatile range - which consists of more than 2,000 items.

The great thing about it is that you can expand your fantasy world every year, as new figures, houses, animals, shops, bridges, lights, trains, trees and even entire villages are released every year!

So you can design a different landscape every winter and arrange it to your taste - building fun guaranteed for young and old!

Lemax's strengths

• Hand-painted 🖌️

The beautifully lit buildings are made of high-quality porcelain & the figures of high-quality polyresin. Moreover, all figures are hand-painted. As a result, Lemax figures & buildings are finished to perfection & highly detailed. Real gems to behold!

• New collections every year 🏠

The great thing about Lemax is that you can keep expanding your miniature Christmas town because new figures, houses, animals, shops, bridges, lights, attractions, trains, trees, landscapes and even entire villages are released every year! The collections of miniatures are divided into different themes and styles e.g. 'Victorian buildings', 'North Pole' and 'Halloween'. You can choose to put together your village in the same style & collection but you can also combine various themes. Nice and playful! So it is certainly possible to put together figures of all shapes, types and sizes to create your own unique story - you name it!
For Christmas, Lemax already has a number of magical collections in its range;
Caddington Village; where you can enjoy a wonderful oldskool Christmas.
Vail Village; a rustic Christmas village hidden among the peaks of the snow-capped mountains. Snow this is Christmas!
Santa's Wonderland; where all the magical Christmas characters like Santa Claus, Frostie the snowman and Rudolf the reindeer star. Everywhere festive Christmas bells sound around, Santa is coming!
Carnival; a colourful play paradise full of attractions, for big & small.
Jukebox Junction; enjoy a throwback to the fifties with this retro miniature village!
Plymouth Corners; enjoy an atmospheric Christmas in the coastal town! From a stunning Ferris wheel to fishermen bobbing happily with their boats.
• Sugar 'N Space; for those who love a sweet Christmas! A delicious candy land full of candy canes, pastel-coloured muffins & ginger cake men. It's gonna be a sweet sweet Christmas!
Harvest Crossing; step back in time with this typical American rural village in a "Christmassy" outfit! From beautiful farms to spinning windmills.

• From basic figures to brilliantly animated attractions 🎠

At Lemax you'll find basic figures to provide your Christmas village with the necessary inhabitants but also impressive buildings where festive Christmas tunes resound, smoke blows out of the chimney & there are lots of animation and three-dimensional scenes to admire! Most buildings are beautifully lit & then shine in your interior. They provide atmosphere during the dark winter days & can also be perfectly used as Christmas lights.
Be sure to take a look at our Lemax range - you will undoubtedly be enchanted by the charm of the miniature world!
Wondering how to put together the perfect Lemax Christmas village or set up a fairytale setting that friends and family can only dream of? Then read on quickly and discover all our tips!

How to make your own magical Christmas village?

An imposing Christmas village is usually collected & built over several years; this way, every Christmas you have fun finding the perfect new items for your Christmas village! We recommend starting with a combination of a few illuminated Christmas houses, figurines and (Christmas) trees. That way you can already put together a lovely Christmas landscape! Moreover, you can also decorate your Christmas village with a fluffy layer of (biodegradable) artificial snow. That way it will look just like a real winter landscape! ❄️Let it snow!

🎅 Tip from Christmas elf Marcel: place all elements on a paper base. That way you can glue the figures - such as pine trees, people or street lamps - on. Some sample figures 👇

Lemax Telephone booth - Christmas accessory

DIY tips for the most beautiful Christmas village!

  • Provide some height differences (e.g. via ready-made basic kits or backgrounds) to make the town a bit more dynamic. Have plenty of time and are you handy with paper, scissors and glue? Then make some rocks out of papier-mâché and then paint them in the colours of your chosen theme. Add some powdered snow to give a wintry look to the decor or place two rows of rocks with blue glass stones in between to create a river.
  • Create movement in your Christmas village with animated accessories, such as a moving train or a moving cable car (note: provide enough space for these elements!). Skaters or flickering LED lights are also always fun to watch.
  • You can group different-sized trees and figures/people together to create cool scenes. Bridges, flags, wood piles and other accessories add the final details.

We wish you lots of building fun & creativity!

Click here to see all the Christmas villages!

More than a Christmas village! 

Lemax may be known for its atmospheric Christmas villages but this brand offers so much more! How about a spooky town for Halloween, or a colourful carnival with the cutest rides! You'll find it all here! 

Need more info?

Do you still have questions? Then be sure to contact Christmas elves from customer service at or +32 9 396 59 00. Our staff will make sure all your requirements are met 👌.

Some of our favourites (& soon yours too!) 👇

Lemax New Majestic Christmas Tree
Lemax The Elf Workshop
Lemax The Grand Carousel

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