Which barbecue do I choose?

Nothing is more fun than enjoying the outdoors on sunny days and lighting up the barbecue. When choosing a barbecue, take into account not only your BBQ skills but also whether garden parties are often organised. An electric table barbecue is quick and easy for a small family, but not advisable when there are many guests at the table. You can opt for a full option pimped out chromed barbecue but the classic ball barbecue is relatively cheap. Below we list the advantages and disadvantages of each type of BBQ so that you can make a well-considered choice! 

Our top picks 👇

1. Gas

✔️ Less smoke than charcoal

✔️ Heats up faster than charcoal

✔️ Temperature can be set accurately

❌ Gas cylinder takes up space

❌ Replace gas cylinder regularly

Do you bring out the barbecue at the first rays of sunshine? Then a roasted meal will be on the table in no time with a gas BBQ.

Spirit II E-310, GBS, Black - gas barbecue
€749.00 €698.97
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Genesis® II E-310™ GBS™ Black - gas barbecue
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Weber® gas canister - set 3 pieces

2. Electric

✔️ No smoke

✔️ Easy & fast to use

❌ Often small models

❌ Power socket needed

Do you live in a flat, and only have a balcony or terrace available? Then a compact electric BBQ is ideal for you! This way, you don't have to worry about fire splatters jumping around.

Weber Q 1400, Dark Grey - Electric Barbecue with Stand
€449.00 €379.00
Weber electric barbecue Pulse 1000

3. Charcoal of briquettes

✔️ High temperature for grilling

✔️ Authentic BBQ flavour

✔️ High conviviality factor

❌ Heating up takes longer

❌ More smoke

❌ Less accurate temperature

Are you the king of the BBQ and do you like to dine long? Then the classic charcoal barbecue is perfect for you! Stoking a fire always ensures a lot of fun, and what is more fun than warming up on a summer evening by the smouldering barbecue with a roasted marshmallow? Smoke it up!

Bar-B-Kettle, Ø 57cm, Black
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Master-Touch Premium SE E-5775 BLK EU
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Weber® briquettes 8kg

This is what a better bullet barbecue looks like!🔥

Some tips for a clean BBQ! 🧽

  • Grease well

Grease the grid with oil before grilling. This prevents food residues from sticking. That saves you a lot of scrubbing!

  • Use an aluminium collection tray

This method is very suitable for a charcoal barbecue. Place an aluminium tray on the charcoal grid and grill your dish on the grid above it. The juices and fats which are released during grilling will then fall into the tray and not onto your barbecue.

  • Warm cleaning

Clean the charcoal and gas barbecue while the grid is still hot. As soon as the grid cools down, the food remains will start to crumble.

  • Scrubbing thoroughly

Never use a steel brush to clean the grid as it is too hard and damages the surface. A stainless steel cleaning brush is ideal.

Gift advice! 🎁
Weber® Aluminium drip trays small - set 10 pieces
Weber® Grid Cleaner - cleaner 300ml
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Useful tools for the chef! 👨‍🍳

You may be a grilling genius, but without the right tools, not much will end up on your plate... A set with tongs, fork, spatula and knife is basic but did you know you can also personalise your steak? This way you can imagine being the chef in your own grill restaurant. The ideal gift for every BBQ lover!

Weber® Digital thermometer
Weber® iGrill 2 (for weber app)
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Show cooking in style:

Weber® Premium Gloves S/M
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Weber® Apron
Weber® Premium Gloves L/XL
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Get cooking, good looking 🍔

Do you want to spice it up with our spicy veggie burger? This one is made out of delicious beans.
Are you a real meat lover? No worries, we also have a great recipe for the classic cheeseburger.
Sun's out, buns out! 

Would you like to add some atmosphere to your garden? Then you can gather with family & friends around the crackling fire bowl or luxury garden fireplace. The safe alternative to a campfire! Or how about some cosy lights in the garden?

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