BSI 'Rodi Bro' pasta cheese - 15g (15x10g) - poison against rats and mice

BSI 'Rodi Bro' pasta cheese - 15g (15x10...

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BSI 'Rodi Bro' pasta cheese - 15g (15x10g) - poison against rats and mice

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Product information "BSI 'Rodi Bro' pasta cheese - 15g (15x10g) - poison against rats and mice"

  • Both against rats and mice
The BSI Rodi Bro is a ready-to-use paste bait for the control of mice and rats.

Thanks to the oily and doughy nature of the paste and the powerful active ingredient (Brodifacoum, anticoagulant), the bait is easily absorbed by the rodents and at the same time is highly effective. A single intake of bait is sufficient in most cases for killing off, resulting in rapid and effective pest control. The bait contains a bittering agent and a dye that reduce the risk of accidental ingestion, yet without reducing its attractiveness to rodents.


  • Against mice: place one bag of paste (10 g) in a bait box every 3 to 5m.
  • Against rats: every 5 to 10m, place 10 sachets (100g) in a bait box.

This package contains 15x 10g of paste bait.

ATTENTION: always keep the rat and mouse poison in a secured feeding box so that children and (domestic) animals do not come into contact with it. Also, never touch the poison with bare hands because your body odor will arouse suspicion from the pests.

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About BSI:
BSI is a major player in the field of care and control products in numerous areas such as: insect and disease control, animal defense, fertilization, pet-care, pond and pool.

Product specifications

Approval number Belgium: BE2017-0001
Classification garden: Pest control
Composition: Brodifacoum 0.0025%
Content in grams: 150
Control and protection of...: Gnawing pests (mice, rats and moles)
Product group: Pheromone and lure product, Ready-made product
Substance: Paste and gels
Type of problem: Mice, Rats
Usage location: Damp indoor areas (e.g. cellar, storeroom, garden shed)
Content in KG: 0,15
Weight: 0.18 kg
Contents: 0.15 kg
Package dimensions: 11.5L x 4.2W x 18H cm