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Hermie is a Premium dealer of ACD!

As a Premium dealer, we offer the entire ACD range. Not all greenhouses are online, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions or are interested in a particular type. We also have a demo greenhouse of our own so feel free to come and take a look. That way you can admire the quality of our ACD greenhouse for yourself! Be sure to make an appointment with our greenhouse expert Jelle in advance so that we can plan enough time for you!

Finally, we can also guarantee you the best price! Have you spotted a better price elsewhere? Feel free to give us a call! Not unimportantly: if you buy an ACD Prestige greenhouse, we will give you a gift voucher of €50. This way, you can buy your first plants, potting soil, planting material, accessories, fertilisers... at our expense. in our webshop. So you get off to a flying start!

We also distribute Filclair's glass and foil tunnel greenhouses. Like ACD, Filclair is known for its excellent quality. We consider their foil and tunnel greenhouses (we have one ourselves which is more than 15 years old) to be simply the best on the market! Whoever says that a tunnel greenhouse made of foil will fly away with the first storm has clearly not seen a Filclair tunnel greenhouse yet 😉.

Do you have any questions or would you like a tailor-made offer? Then feel free to drop us a line! 📧 info@hermie.com 📞 +32 (0)9 396 59 00 

Why do we choose an ACD greenhouse or Filclair tunnel greenhouse?

With tunnel conservatories, the quality is lamentably poor with most manufacturers. There is a price race going on, and you can get a "bargain" with tunnel conservatories under €100 at any supermarket and DIY store, so these cheap conservatories go up in the air at the first & best gust of wind. Still, have you anchored them properly and lucky that the profiles don't break? Then after a year the foil is usually full of holes.

We also sell such a cheap variant but, to be honest, we do not recommend it. You'd better wait until you have a slightly bigger budget to buy a Filclair tunnel greenhouse. These are nothing like the competition (even in other price categories) and you can assume that the film will last at least 10 years (ours has lasted for more over 15 years). In short: the ideal choice for those who want quality & a large surface area for, in comparison with a glass greenhouse, relatively little money.

For glass greenhouses, there are several good (but also many less good) manufacturers. Some are cheaper than others. However, we resolutely go for quality. Nowadays, a greenhouse is more than just a place to grow vegetables. It has to look nice, and above all it has to be solid.

Nothing is worse than investing in a greenhouse to see some windows fly away after the first wind shower. Laughable? Certainly not! Unfortunately, this is daily reality for many people who get caught out buying a cheap greenhouse.

In our search for a quality manufacturer of sturdy beautiful greenhouses, we finally arrived at ACD. Yes, there are cheaper manufacturers but we dare say that, like us, quality and sturdiness are impregnated in ACD's DNA. A happy marriage.

What are the strengths of an ACD Prestige greenhouse compared to a cheap greenhouse?


• All prestige greenhouses are made of 4 mm safety glass with non-sharp polished edges! The glass is 7 times stronger than horticultural glass, and can therefore easily withstand a kick from a football.

• In case of breakage, the glass breaks into small harmless pieces, like a car window.

Better to grow plants in:

• All Prestige greenhouses have a roof made of hammered safety glass. An advantage that should not be underestimated, because it ensures that the sunlight is broken, which means that your plants burn less quickly when there is too much sun.

• The hammered glass also spreads the sunlight better over the entire greenhouse so that the plants grow better and stronger.

• Condensation water does not drip downwards (which is the main cause of tomato plague, for example) but flows nicely downwards along the glass.


• The profiles are unique and self-supporting. They are therefore strong enough to bear the full weight of the conservatory and the glass. A foundation is no longer needed. Do you want to move the conservatory later on? No problem!

• Stainless steel bolts and nuts, no steel to rust.

• Large, sturdy skylights with storm protection.

• Extra pull bars and reinforcements in the corner and ridge.

An anecdote from Marcel: after assembly, the ACD greenhouse must normally be anchored in the corners. We have never done this with our demo greenhouse. The conservatories are simply standing on the self-supporting profiles, and are fully exposed to the wind. However, no damage has ever occurred.

Quality has a price!

ACD and Filclair both stand for quality but this also has its price. We realise that not everyone has the budget to buy such greenhouses. However, we would like to warn anyone who chooses a cheap glass greenhouse or tunnel greenhouse. It is our conviction that in this type of product, cheap is expensive. We therefore recommend anyone who does not have the budget to choose quality:

• Looking for a second-hand greenhouse of an A-brand. These greenhouses last a lifetime so you can only benefit if someone wants to sell one.

• Ask around: maybe you can buy a showroom model?

• Can't find anything second-hand? Then build your own greenhouse with a wooden frame and transparent foil sheets or tunnel foil. This will be much stronger and cheaper than the cheap plastic rubbish currently flooding the market.

In this video our greenhouse expert Jelle explains the advantages of an ACD greenhouse and why they are resistant to stormy weather.👩‍🌾

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