Edialux Imidalux ant bait box - 2 pieces

Edialux Imidalux ant bait box - 2 pieces

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Edialux Imidalux ant bait box - 2 pieces

Art. nr. 201864653

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Product information "Edialux Imidalux ant bait box - 2 pieces"

  • Contents: 2 pieces
Imidalux Ant Bait Box is a ready-to-use insecticide gel bait in a bait box containing imidacloprid that eliminates ants and their nests. Imidalux has a highly palatable formulation, rich in nutritious and sugary adjuvants; the liquid and energetic gel bait provides fast and abundant feeding. After eating the bait, the ants return to their nest and pass it on to the other ants in the colony, including the queen. As the bait is transferred from one ant to another, the domino effect allows the entire nest to be eliminated within two weeks of application.

About Edialux
Edialux is the brand for durable solutions to thorny home and garden problems. Whether you suffer from annoying insects or rodents in your home, you need to rid your garden furniture of a layer of green deposits or you see weeds sprouting up between your patio, Edialux knows how to deal with every problem!

Product specifications

Approval number Belgium: BE2021-0016
Classification garden: Insects & birds
Composition: Imidacloprid m/m: 0.0204% (pure m/m: 0.02%)
Control and protection of...: Crawling insects
Period of application: April, Augustus, December, February, January, July, June, March, May, November, October, September
Product group: Pheromone and lure product, Ready-made product, Bait and feed boxes
Recommended dosage: 1 bait box per 15 - 20m² or one bait box at each nesti
Substance: Included in bait box
Type of problem: Ants
Usage location: Inside, Outside, Both inside and outside
Contents: 2 pc