Sweet corn - pressing block 10x10 cm

Sweet corn - pressing block 10x10 cm

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Sweet corn - pressing block 10x10 cm


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Product information "Sweet corn - pressing block 10x10 cm"

Corn (Zea mays) is a grain that belongs to the grasses

Corn is native to Central America where the crop was bred by the natives into larger, more nutritious cobs. Columbus, who discovered America in 1492, brought the corn plant to Spain where the crop immediately thrived. Sweet corn (Zea mays convar. saccharata) is a variety of corn grown primarily for fresh consumption.

Sweet corn can be planted outside starting in May at a minimum temperature of 10°c.

-A humus-rich, moist and loose soil is ideal. Mulching is recommended.
-Sunny location required.
-Planting distance: 15 x 15 cm -
Sprinkle the
place where the corn will be planted with lime in the autumn.
-In dry periods, watering is necessary for a quality corn.
-Plant short rows next to each other (instead of one long row) to ensure better fertilization and fruiting.
-Maize has a superficial root system, so pay attention when hoeing.
-Maize causes few soil problems, so crop rotation is not really necessary.
-Corn can be planted well with an eye to protecting neighboring crops from wind.

In Belgium and the Netherlands, sweet corn is grown mainly for fresh consumption.

Fresh sweet corn is juicy and tender, making it the most delicious.

Remove most of the bracts, do this shortly before cooking as the leaves still offer protection. With a few bracts still attached, the grains remain tastier during cooking and the cobs stay hot longer. Cut off the hard stalk until close to the cob. Cook the whole cob in boiling water for 8 to 15 minutes. This can be served immediately or spread the cob with butter or oil (salted or not) and let it color on the BBQ or in the oven.

The loose-cut corn kernels can be used in various wok dishes or salads. Cut the kernels loose from the cob after cooking. Young freshly picked corn can be eaten raw. Derivatives include: corn starch, corn oil, popcorn, corn beer,... Corn cobs for livestock farmers, on the other hand, are shredded for animal feed.

The grains are harvested at the so-called milk-ripe stage. The optimal harvest stage is reached when the cob is discolored dark brown, the kernels are warm yellow in color to almost the top of the cob and not yet dented.

Poorly shaped cobs indicate clumped pollen formed by harsh weather conditions.
White grains indicate too early picking and hard grains indicate too late picking.

Corn wrapped in foil will keep for days in the refrigerator. Sweet corn can also be frozen, just use the loose grains.

Product specifications

Application / use plant: Unknown - n/a
Bloom Month: July
Bloom color: Bronze, Yellow
Branches / bark: Unknown - n/a
Dutch plant name: Suikermais
Flower color - details: Yellowish green
Frost hardiness - details: Bad (-6 till -1°c), usda zone 9
Frost resistance: Slightly winter hardy
Fruit: Unknown - n/a
Full grown plant height: 175-200 cm
Growth habit : Unknown - n/a
Growth habit - details: Strongly upright
Humidity/Soil: Normal soil
Latin plant family: Poaceae
Leaf / Foliage: Unknown - n/a
Leaf / foliage - details: Deciduous, green
Location: Halfshadow, Full sun
Location - details: Preferably full sun
Maturity: Mid-august-late september
Minimum growing height (in cm): 180
Plant characteristic: Nvt
Plant family: Grass family
Winter foliage: Losing leaf
maximal growth height (in cm): 200
type of crop: Vegetables
type of soil: Calcareous soil, Clay soil (calcareous), Normal soil, Peaty soil (acidic)
type of soil / ground - details: Any good garden soil

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