Ground chicory roots chicory heads 'Bingo' - bag +/- 50 pcs (or +/-7-9kg)

Ground chicory roots chicory heads 'Bing...

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Ground chicory roots chicory heads 'Bingo' - bag +/- 50 pcs (or +/-7-9kg)

De beste witloofwortelen om zelf thuis het lekkerste grondwitloof te kweken!

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Ground chicory roots chicory heads 'Bingo' - bag +/- 50 pcs (or +/-7-9kg)


Viano seed & cutting soil 40 L


Product information "Ground chicory roots chicory heads 'Bingo' - bag +/- 50 pcs (or +/-7-9kg)"

  • Echte witloofwortelen
  • Reeds gekoeld
  • Thuis geleverd

50 beautiful and healthy chicory roots to grow your own ground chicory. The best quality you can find!

Chicory roots are available from November to February. after harvesting they undergo a cold period of two weeks to guarantee the best quality.

As soon as your order is ready for dispatch or collection, you will receive an automatic e-mail (with tracking code if delivery).

1 bag contains 50 chicory roots (+/- 7 to 8kg). When ordering, you can choose to have them delivered to your home with PostNL or for collection in our warehouse. If you choose the latter option, you will receive an email as soon as your order is available for pickup.

Help, my chicory roots stink?

Do you open the box of chicory roots and a 'smell' hits you? Don't panic!
These chicory roots have received a cold shock at the grower so the foliage may start to rot awaydue to the temperature difference. This is perfectly normal and can certainly do no harm. Do you still have doubts? Feel free to send us an email!

But how do you grow those delicious ground leaves yourself?

1. Digging in: Make a pit in soil and arrange the carrots all nicely next to each other.

2.Cover the carrots with a layer of soil of +/- 15cm. Use soil that is as poor as possible, and certainly no fertilizer! It is recommended to reuse the soil from your flower and plant containers, or mix peat into the soil (for a more acid soil).Chicory should not get any light, otherwise you grow chicory ;-).As an alternative to soil, you can also use hay, straw or black plastic. As long as no (sun) light reaches the roots...Do you grow in buckets? Then instead of 15cm of soil above the roots you can just place a bucket or black pot. As long as the chicory roots remain covered.

3. Water: The soil in which the chicory roots are placed must be moist. However, do not overdo it with your watering can because too much water is even harmful to the chicory.Do you grow in buckets? Then you can choose to put a bottle of water in the middle of the bucket upside down (where you cut out the bottom and fill the bottle with water = basically watering tomato plants in the greenhouse)

4. Wait... The warmer, the sooner you can harvest. Professional growers often use a heating element that brings the soil temperature to between 14° and 18°C. At such temperatures you will have chicory ready to eat after about three weeks. Do you not use these heat sources? Then you must wait several months, depending on the temperature.

5. Harvesting: Cut/break off the head.

6. Enjoying your homegrown ground chicory ;-)

You can also perfectly place the chicory in a large bucket, mason jar or specially made forceps. It is important to note, however, that you should not put the bucket in the kitchen or dining room because of the temperature. Are you growing at more than 18°C? Then the chicory will be forced too much, and you can get heads falling open. That would be a shame!

Would you like more information on how to grow the white gold yourself? Clickherefor our blog articles on growing chicory.

Would you like to collect the chicory roots yourself but Eeklo is too far away? The chicory roots of Lof & Loof can also be picked up directly from the grower in Deerlijk (near Kortrijk). Please do not order them through our webshop but we will gladly refer you to thewebsiteof Lof &Loof.

We reserve the right to supply another type (Topscore) if this type of chicory pin is no longer available. We try to avoid this as much as possible.
We also sell chicory roots from the Meetjesland (directly from the land - not yet cooled): Soil chicory roots chicory heads 'Topscore' +/- 9kg in Netzak

Product specifications

Weight: 9.6 kg
Contents: 50 pc
Package dimensions: 30l x 30w x 30h cm

Combine perfectly

Ground chicory roots chicory heads 'Bingo' - bag +/- 50 pcs (or +/-7-9kg)


Viano seed & cutting soil 40 L