Seed potato Obama bag 1kg - resistant to planting

Seed potato Obama bag 1kg - resistant to...

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Seed potato Obama bag 1kg - resistant to planting

Kaliber 28/35mm - Herkomst: Nederland

Art. nr. 201803843

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Product information "Seed potato Obama bag 1kg - resistant to planting"

  • Klasse A
  • goede opbrengst
  • lange houdbaar
  • sterke weerstand tegen aardappelziekte
  • vastkokend
  • ideaal voor koken en frituren
The Obama is an early potato variety that harvests between 90 to 110 days. The recommended minimum planting distance is 30 cm in the rows and 55 cm between the rows (a larger distance can provide additional protection against disease). This seed potato is very resistant to potato blight (Phytophthora), has a nice yield and long storage life. The harvested tubers of this firm cooking plant potato are light yellow with a yellow skin and are of good quality for use in cooking (boiling, frying). These plant potatoes are delivered in a bag.

Tip: in any fertilization, Potassium is the most important and ensures the firmness of the plant and increases resistance to diseases, pests and drought. Phosphorus, which takes care of the development of the roots of the plants, is better added in moderation and nitrogen to avoid weakening the plant, better avoided. Seaweed lime and compost are also always a source of extra minerals that benefit your potatoes.

Product specifications

Earliness: Early (90-110d)
Plant group: Tuber vegetables
Section: Potatoes
Disease resistance: Very resistant
Yield: High yield
Cooking type: Waxy
Storage: Long storage
Preparation method: Baking, Frying, Cooking, Salad
Peel color: Yellow
Flesh color: Yellow
Caliber: 28-35
Content in KG: 1
Weight: 1.1 kg
Contents: 1 kg
Package dimensions: 15L x 15W x 10H cm