Autumn fertilizer GreenComfort with humifirst - 20kg for 400m²

Autumn fertilizer GreenComfort with humi...

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Autumn fertilizer GreenComfort with humifirst - 20kg for 400m²

Enjoy €2.50 discount on our autumn fertiliser from Viano!

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€43.45 per unit

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Product information "Autumn fertilizer GreenComfort with humifirst - 20kg for 400m²"

  • When ordering more than 6 bags, we ship this on a pallet (+ 1 business day)!
  • Suitable for an area of 400 m²
  • Content: 20 kg
  • Application period: from September to November
  • Provides a winter-strong turf and intense green color
  • Composed organic-mineral fertilizer NPK (Mg) 6-6-16(+2)

Autumn promotion: enjoy €2.50 discount on our autumn fertiliser from Viano.
Promotion valid until 30/10/2023


Make your lawn more resistant to winter and prevent yellowing and weakening of your turf. Because you also know that on a weakened lawn, moss takes over more easily.

Viano's autumn fertilizer contains an increased dose of potassium, which promotes lawn density and resistance while discouraging moss growth. A super-strong formula for a winter-strong lawn!
This fertilizer also keeps the lawn green until spring and the magnesium ensures an intense green color.

Humifirst is a natural product based on humic and fulvic acids.
Humic acids are dark organic substances with a very high molecular weight, and fulvic acids are light-colored substances with a low molecular weight.
In combination, they are going to improve the soil physically, chemically and biologically, directly affecting soil fertility.
This also ensures stronger root development and improves nutrient uptake in difficult conditions (ideal during the winter months!).
Humifirst thus has a positive impact on the organic state of the soil and works much better than other similar products (for example, it is 60 times more concentrated than slurry).!

This 20kg bag is suitable for an area of 400 m². A variant for 200 m² is also available from Hermie.

Product specifications

Composition: NPK 6-6-16 + 2MgO
Form: Grain or Crumb
Function lawn fertiliser: Maintenance fertilisation, Extra deep green colour, Autumn fertiliser
Origin: Organic + mineral
Period of operation: 3 months
Recommended dosage: 50g/m²
Suitable for garden section: Lawn
Yield in m² per pack: 400
Content in KG: 20
Weight: 20 kg
Contents: 20 kg
Package dimensions: 20L x 36W x 9H cm