Viano Clever off for 100m²: against clover and moss

Viano Clever off for 100m²: against clov...

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Viano Clever off for 100m²: against clover and moss

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Product information "Viano Clever off for 100m²: against clover and moss"

  • against moss and clover
  • natural product
  • repeat several times a year

Viano's Clever off is a natural product that tackles mosses and clovers in the lawn. This product comes in a combo pack, and contains 1L of Potassium Oxide and 50gr of Amino Acids. These should be mixed with 10L of water to treat 100m² of lawn. Also suitable for organic farming. This product has a fast action, and is harmless to the environment.

This selective product can be used for clover and moss but you can also treat weeds (such as dandelions) by locally over-dosing. Strong weeds (such as nettles) cannot be treated. Spray the weeds a little longer and try to avoid the grass as much as possible. Did you spray some grass anyway? Then water it so the product can run away.

After treatment you will see immediate results and the clover will fold. Three hours later the clover and weeds turn brown and after about four hours you can water.

This product will not cause the root to die but after repeating the treatment several times, the root system will become exhausted.

Application period:

February through November. Use several times a year for best effect (spring, summer and fall are most effective)


Mix 1L Potassium Oxide and 50gr Amino Acids under 10L water to treat 100m²

How to use

Fill the back sprayer half with water, then add the 1L can of plant potassium oxide and the bag of amino acids completely. Stir the liquid if desired. Continue filling the back sprayer to 10L. Then spray the mixture over 100m². - do not mix with other products - preferably use on dry days - between 5° and 25°C, without direct sunlight. Wear gloves when handling the product.

It is recommended to combine this product with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer such as the Lawn Booster. You can add this the day after treatment.

When to use?

Treat at a sunny moment where ideally rain is predicted the next day. Is no rain expected? Then you will have to irrigate yourself.

Since the ban on Dicotex, Silvanet and Roundup in Belgium, there is no suitable alternative available on the market. Clever Off only treats mosses and clover, so it does not remove all weeds in the lawn, but it is closest to the result of these products.

This product is not harmful to pets.

Product specifications

Weight: 1.05 kg
Contents: 1 l
Package dimensions: 0.01L x 0.01W x 0.01H cm