Edialux 'Brodilux Grain' grain bait - 150g (6x25g) - poison against mice and rats

Edialux 'Brodilux Grain' grain bait - 15...

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Edialux 'Brodilux Grain' grain bait - 150g (6x25g) - poison against mice and rats

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Product information "Edialux 'Brodilux Grain' grain bait - 150g (6x25g) - poison against mice and rats"

  • Deadly after 1 ingestion
  • Use in and around buildings
  • Placed in a secure bait box
Edialux Brodilux Grain is an attractive mouse and rat poison.

These grains are ready for immediate use. The bait contains wheat enriched with food components with "SAT technology" (Special Absorption Technology). This ensures that the active ingredient (0.0029% Brodifacoum) is distributed homogeneously throughout the grain. This active ingredient is anticoagulant, which is lethal to rats and mice after only 1 ingestion. The animals will die without the rest of the colony becoming suspicious of the bait. Suitable for use in and around buildings.

This package contains 6x 25g of grain bait.

Dosage :

  • Mice: 20 g per feeding site
  • Rats: 20-60 g per feeding site

ATTENTION: Always store rat and mouse poison in a secured feeding box so that children and (domestic) animals do not come into contact with it. Also, never touch the poison with bare hands because your body odor will arouse suspicion from the pests.

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About Edialux:
Edialux is the brand for durable solutions to thorny home and garden problems. Whether you suffer from pesky insects or rodents in your home, you need to rid your garden furniture of a layer of green deposits or you see weeds sprouting up between your patio, Edialux knows how to deal with every problem!

Product specifications

Approval number Belgium: BE2018-0005
Approval number G.H. Luxembourg: G.D.LUX.:198/18/L-000
Classification garden: Pest control
Composition: Brodifacoum: 0.0029%
Content in grams: 150
Control and protection of...: Gnawing pests (mice, rats and moles)
Period of application: April, Augustus, December, February, January, July, June, March, May, November, October, September
Product group: Pheromone and lure product, Ready-made product
Recommended dosage: 20-60g feeding site against rats, 25g feeding site against mice
Substance: Grain
Type of problem: Mice, Rats
Usage location: Dry spaces indoors
Content in KG: 0,15
Weight: 0.21 kg
Contents: 0.15 kg
Package dimensions: 5.2L x 10.6W x 16.9H cm