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A robotic mower? The ideal garden tool for more free time!

robotic mower saves you a lot of time & effort. Set the mowing schedule and your robot does the rest!
But grass robots have even more advantages 👇

  • The robot goes through weather & wind
  • Do the sensors detect freezing temperatures? Then the robot automatically postpones the mowing schedule. This way, your frozen lawn will not be damaged
  • A robotic lawn mower reduces weed growth
  • The intelligent system adjusts the frequency of mowing according to the vigour of your lawn.
  • Thanks to the spiral mowing function, the robot can effortlessly reach hard-to-reach places (e.g. underneath the trampoline) or narrow passages (min. 60 cm). This saves you having to drag a traditional lawnmower around! Also slopes (up to even 35%) are no obstacle for our super robots!
  • A robot mower immediately shreds the cut grass into mulch, which also fertilises the soil. So you don't have to clean up the grass clippings either!
  • The silent force in the garden. The noise level of the robot mower is very quiet: only 57 db(A). Ideal for the city garden!

How does a grass robot work?

  • The boundary wire:
    Thanks to the boundary wire you demarcate the garden & the robotic mower knows exactly where to mow. The boundary wire and guide wire do not need to be buried because after a few weeks they will no longer be visible as the grass grows over them.

  • The docking station or charging station:
    Here your robotic mower can recharge after all its efforts for the next cut. The charging station is easy to place and can be either inside or outside the mowing area.
  • Battery or power pack:
    Depending on which device you choose, the battery will last from 5.5 to 22.5 hours. After that, your robotic mower needs to charge again at the docking station.

The installation at home is a piece of cake!

Set your own mowing schedule via the app

After installing the charging station and the perimeter wire, it's time to set your mowing schedule via the app! This way you can easily determine the cutting height (2 to 5 cm) and cutting frequency. You can easily control the robot mower via the app on your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS).

Which robot is your match?

Gardena has a wide range of robotic mowers but what should you consider when choosing the right robot? We give you some tips 👇

1. How big is your garden?

The choice for an automatic lawnmower depends on the lawn area of your garden. At Hermie we have robot mowers for small & medium sized gardens.

2. Always connected to your robot thanks to the Sileno Smart system

At Gardena you have the choice between the Gardena Smart system or Bluetooth®.

  •  With the Gardena Smart system you are always & everywhere connected to your robotic mower. So "Rudy the Robot" can also give your lawn a trim when you're busy at work or sunbathing on a tropical island.
  • Choose to connect via Bluetooth®? Then you can operate the lawn mower from 10 m distance. Ideal when you are doing chores indoors or want to mow the lawn while taking a nap in bed!

3. Mapping your garden with the latest LONA™ technology

The smart robot, Sileno Smart, features the latest LONA™ technology. This maps out every blade of grass and adapts the mower to the needs of your lawn. It provides a detailed map of your garden, including the boundary wire, guide wire and charging station. Thanks to this technology, you can divide your garden into three zones. You can choose a different cutting frequency and intensity for each zone. You can also easily exclude certain zones so that your beautiful flower meadow doesn't get chopped up.

All charasteristics at a glance

Would you like to compare all the features of the devices? No problem, use the handy overview below for that! 👇

Temporarily unavailable
Gardena Robot mower sileno city 250 m²
Temporarily unavailable
Gardena Robot mower sileno life 750 m²
Temporarily unavailable
Gardena Robot mower sileno life 1250 m²

Theft protection

All Gardena Sileno robotic mowers are locked with a PIN code. The Sileno Life units are additionally secured with an alarm so that they cannot be taken out of the docking station unnoticed.

How to maintain your robot?

Maintain your robotic mower so that you can enjoy its services for as long as possible!

Gardena Maintenance and Cleaning Kit for robotic mower
€52.95 €49.99
Gardena hooks for robotic

Useful accessories and spare parts for your robotic mower

 Protect your robotic lawnmower in a garage or save space by hanging it up 👇.

Gardena Garage / protective house for sileno city / life
€235.40 €209.01
Product on sale
Gardena Garage / protective housing for sileno robotic mowers r100/130
€247.15 €219.00

Via the Gardena Smart app you can also add your other Gardena smart garden products, such as the watering system.
That way you save a lot of time while your garden continues to grow & flourish. If that isn't convenient!

With 25 years of experience, the Gardena Robotic Lawnmower is a reliable garden help!

Are you buying a Gardena Sileno robot from Hermie between March 1st and July 31st 2022? Then you enjoy the following actions 👇

  • Sileno Minimo: free garage* (Belgium and Netherlands)
  • Sileno City: choose between a free garage (Belgium and the Netherlands) or free installation of an above-ground perimeter wire (Belgium)
  • Sileno Life: choose between a free garage (Belgium and the Netherlands) or free installation of an above-ground perimeter wire (Belgium and the Netherlands)

*This robust plastic garage protects your robot mower and charging station against sun & rain. The lid can be opened for easy adjustment of the control panel.

Did you buy a Sileno robotic mower? Super 🙏🙏! Register your device within 3 months after purchase here at Gardena here. This will extend the standard factory warranty from 2 to 3 years! Click here to enjoy your free installation or garage. 

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