Straight or sloping walls for a conservatory?

Is it better to buy a greenhouse with straight or with sloping walls?

This choice is purely personal. There are advantages and disadvantages for each type. That is why we would like to list them in this article.

Straight walls?

A greenhouse or conservatory with straight walls is the most frequently sold. The advantages:

  • Most people find this visually the most attractive
  • Takes up the least space
  • You can use all the space inside the greenhouse 100%.

Sloping walls?

Sloping walls are sold less but have some advantages over straight walls:

  • Ideal if space is no object. The conservatories with slanted walls all have a larger ground surface than their brother with straight walls.
  • You have more light and heat storage because of the slanted walls. The surface area is in fact larger AND the light is better distributed. This is especially useful during colder periods such as early spring and autumn.
  • The wind does not 'bump' against your conservatory but is guided over it. The construction is also more stable because the weight of the roof is better distributed. ACD conservatories are already very sturdy by nature but do you live in stormy areas? Then perhaps this is an important factor.

The biggest disadvantage? There is not enough height on the side walls to grow tomatoes, for example. These can only be grown in the middle strip.

ACD greenhouse Prestige S106 - 3,06x4,45m - Aluminium
€3,048.00 €2,849.00
ACD greenhouse Prestige R307 - 3,06 x 5,19m - Aluminum
€3,235.00 €2,999.00
ACD greenhouse Prestige R204 - 2,32 x 2,98m - Aluminium
€2,387.00 €1,999.00

In this video our greenhouse expert Jelle explains the advantages of an ACD greenhouse and why they are resistant to stormy weather. 👩‍🌾

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