Resilient Blue®, the grass that fights back!

The strong grass seed for private individuals and sports grounds or golf courses

Update March 2021: Resilient Blue™ Grass Technology has been declared winner of the Innovation Award Sports Accommodations 2021 on 25 March!

The climate is changing worldwide. Extreme weather conditions are becoming the new norm so it is no surprise that our garden and lawn are suffering as a result. Extreme weather conditions, such as a heat wave lasting weeks or torrential downpours leading to flooding, cause stress not only to the lawn but also to its owner. Many lawn lovers don't know what to do when the lawn turns yellow again during the summer months.

Barenbrug has brought yet another hit to the market with its advanced technology: Resilient Blue®! It absorbs the blows of extreme stress periods and fights back!

What are the benefits of Resilient Blue?

Tolerance during stress periods

Unlike normal field bean grass, Resilient Blue® remains cool-headed under extreme conditions. Resilient Blue® recovers at the right moment and can therefore fight back for an optimal grass cover. This makes Resilient Blue® unique!

When developing Resilient Blue®, Barenbrug looked for the strongest plants with the highest level of adaptation and resilience. They did not make it easy for the grass plants during the test period! They were exposed to all kinds of extreme weather conditions so that they are well prepared for all kinds of climate developments.

Fastest recovery after stress periods

Resilience means not only being stress resistant but also recovering quickly after these extreme conditions! When your turf is subjected to severe drought and heat stress, you can be sure that Resilient Blue® will fight back and soon your lawn will be green and healthy again!

Exceptional treading tolerance

Good treading tolerance is the first requirement for a strong sports field. The various Resilient Blue® field bean grasses are one by one subjected to extreme treading tests in which they must excel in order to qualify for the Resilient Blue® Grass Technology. This grass seed is therefore extremely suitable for the sports enthusiasts among us!

Grass establishment assured

The Resilient Blue® grass seeds are treated with Yellow Jacket Water Management. You may recognise this coating from the widely acclaimed Water Saver. This unique seed treatment ensures optimal moisture management around the seed. This creates the ideal germination environment for the grass seed.

High disease tolerance

Extreme weather conditions often lead to stress and high disease pressure. Thanks to the resilience of Resilient Blue®, your lawn is less susceptible to fungal attack and remains not only greener, but also healthier.
A healthy lawn provides a lot of enjoyment and fun in the garden but also saves you maintenance and repair costs.

For which lawn is Resilient Blue® suitable?

We have two varieties of this ultra-strong grass seed in our range: Resilient Blue® Sport and Resilient Blue® Golf. However, you do not have to be a sports fanatic to use Resilient Blue®, because it is also extremely suitable for the private customer who likes to have a very strong grass mat in the garden. Ideal for kids who like to play or pets who like to romp around in the garden.

Resilient Blue® Golf

Resilient Blue® Golf is of course also very suitable for new sowings and gives a beautiful balanced dense resilient turf. Wherever Resilient Blue® technology is needed to take the blows, it will conquer its place and do its job! The golf mix is a low-input mix that requires less nutrition and maintenance than standard grass mixes for this application. Resilient Blue® Golf is an investment in a sustainable long-term solution!

Resilient Blue® Sport 

Resilient Blue® Sport performs better than standard sports field mixtures under a low-input regime and is therefore also the best solution for extensively used and maintained grass fields. In short, Resilient Blue® is the smartest solution for new seeding of fields! This is where Resilient Blue® technology comes into its own. Of course, it also lends itself well to overseeding existing fields. Please note that field-stalked meadow grass generally takes longer to reach its full potential than ryegrass.

Resilient Blue® Lawn

Resilient Blue® Lawn provides an extremely strong turf, with exceptional treading tolerance. It is also a fast-restoring and easy-to-maintain lawn.

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Resilient Blue Golf 15kg - Extremely strong grass against drought and self-healing with YJWM

Do you have a sandy or clay soil? Then it is advisable to improve your soil before starting to sow. Here you can find more information about the different soil improvers. By doing so, you ensure an airy and fertile soil, the ideal basis for a new and healthy lawn! One week before sowing, fertilise the soil with an organic fertiliser, such as Recovery by Viano. Then you can start seeding!

About Barenbrug

The Royal Barenbrug Group is a global leader in amenity grasses, forage grasses and other leguminous forage crops. The company has been engaged in plant breeding and seed production of amenity grasses since 1904.

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