Personal data according to the GDPR guidelines

What exactly happens to the personal data you share on the Hermie website?

What is the GDPR legislation?

They're talking about it everywhere: on the news, in every webshop... But what exactly does the GDPR legislation entail? 

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. Also known as AVG: General Data Protection Regulation. In short, this legislation regulates how companies and institutions must correctly handle the personal data of their customers. This privacy legislation applies specifically to Europe.

Maar om welke persoonsgegevens gaat het dan? 

In order to make your shopping experience as pleasant and smooth as possible, we collect some data from you. We must be able to demonstrate that this data is collected for specific and defined purposes. In our case this is e.g. a pleasant and personalised shopping experience and a smooth delivery of your order. These data are often your name, telephone number, delivery and billing address, IP address, shopping cart... 

No worries! We handle your data with care and security.
Would you like to read more about what data we collect, how we process it, what the purpose of this data processing is and what your rights are? Then be sure to read our privacy policy