You won't find us at the market anymore, 
but you will find us online!

2020 was, due to the well-known
corona pandemic, an exceptional year with a major setback for our market business. To be able to offer the best quality vegetable garden plants, we work together with professional growers who grow special varieties of lettuce, cabbages and other vegetable garden plants for us under contract. Unfortunately, there were no markets in the peak months of March and April, which meant that we had to throw away thousands of plants with pain in our hearts... In May, we were able to go to the market again, but many customers stayed away, afraid of getting infected or because they had already bought their tomatoes and planting material elsewhere.

Our webshop, on the other hand, was running like never before. The enormous growth of could therefore no longer be combined with the uncertain future of the markets. Unfortunately, no buyer was found for the fantastic market company. Unfortunately, we were forced to shut down our markets.

It hurt us to have to stop the market business after exactly 50 years in the hands of several generations of the family, because we really put our heart and soul into it. On the other hand, we were also looking to the future with great courage. Towards a webshop that we could expand more and more in order to be able to offer customers the best shopping experience online. 

The good news is that you can still come to us online for an advantageous range of kitchen gardening products (such as seed potatoes, vegetable and herb plants, seeds, potting soil, fertilisers...). A big advantage of the webshop is that we can offer you a much larger range than on the market. Where we only had 10 varieties of planting potatoes on the market, we can now offer more than 60 varieties. You can also still come to us for herb and vegetable plants. The range is more limited than at the market, but you can expect the same high quality. Do you have questions or need advice? Then our customer service is ready for you! That way we can offer a worthy and pleasant alternative to the market.

Do you order your vegetable garden plants online and choose to collect them from our warehouse in Eeklo?

Super, we can only encourage that! That's why we reward you with a 40% discount so that the plants are still within the market price range!

Would you rather not come to Eeklo? 

Then you can also have the plants delivered to your home. They are safely packaged in recycled plant blisters so that they arrive in one piece. After shipping you will automatically receive an e-mail with the tracking code from PostNL so you can easily follow the journey of your plants from our warehouse to your kitchen garden (euh front door)!

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to give us a call! Are you curious about the ins and outs of our online shop and a look behind the scenes? Check out our Facebook page and follow us there for updates this coming season.

See you soon?! 🍅🥒🥕🌶️