How much does an acd greenhouse cost?

An ACD greenhouse is a greenhouse for life, as the saying goes. And yes, we can only confirm that. In all those years we have received almost no complaints about an installed ACD conservatory and I think that says it all.

In addition to ACD prestige greenhouses, we also distribute Filclair, another quality brand. Both are in approximately the same price range and our personal opinion is that ACD has the biggest advantage of working with a self-supporting profile and they have more standard options for finishing. Filclair, however, simply has the best foil tunnelerres! That's why they also give an above-average guarantee on their products.

Both brands/firms can be called truly qualitative AND are Belgian manufacturers. This is important to mention because this quality and use of better materials unfortunately also has a cost. However, if you buy a greenhouse from both brands, you will be reassured when there is a storm (which cannot be said of their cheap alternatives, which we sometimes scornfully call road-side greenhouses).

Conservatory Prestige S210H 3.8x7.41m

But how much does a greenhouse cost?

On our site, you can find the price online for most models and you can also check the price for your specific configuration in terms of colour or extra options. And if your size is not exactly listed or you need help: just send us an e-mail - - and we will send you a tailor-made offer. is THE vegetable garden specialist and premium dealer of ACD greenhouses. Have you seen a cheaper price or special offer somewhere else? Contact us and we can certainly match it.

On you can also buy the greenhouse online and we always launch a special greenhouse action in February and October, where you will receive an action package for free, for example.

Finally, with when you order a Prestige greenhouse you receive a gift voucher of €50 for the purchase of vegetable garden plants or other products on our website.

The online conservatory price configurator is divided into the following conservatory types:

- Prestige greenhouse with straight walls

- Prestige greenhouse with sloping walls

- Prestige wall greenhouse

- Budget greenhouses

- Filclair foil tunnels

If you prefer to look at the prices of the conservatories based on the catalogue, you can find them for 2019 below.

In this video our greenhouse expert Jelle explains the advantages of an ACD greenhouse and why they are resistant to stormy weather. 👩‍🌾

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Enjoy choosing and do not hesitate to contact us for personal advice via e-mail, telephone or an appointment at our company in Eeklo or at ACD in Roeselare.

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