Candle with care! 🕯️

Did you know not to blow out a candle until the top layer is completely melted! Using our delicious scented candles correctly is key to getting the most out of them.
In this article, we give you some handy tips & tricks to get the most out of your scented candle, and answer the most frequently asked questions!

1. Why does the glass of my candle turn black?

When you notice black deposits on the glass, the cause is often not far off: a wick that is too long. This causes smoke development & soot. This leaves soot on the glass, but also on your walls, ceiling... As a result, the candle burns restlessly & sometimes produces flames up to 10 cm high.
It is therefore extremely important to trim the wick in time:
Never leave a candle unattended! This will prevent dangerous or dirty situations.

2. How do I trim my wick?

Before trimming the wick, extinguish the candle and let the wax solidify & cool completely first.

Using a piece of kitchen paper or a tissue, gently break off the burnt bits of wood, and remove them from the candle to prevent these bits from getting back into the wax.

Is the black deposit only on one side of the glass? Then draught is the game-changer here. You can simply remove the tarnish with a clean (damp) cloth before lighting the candle. Move the non-burning candle to a draught-free spot, and you can enjoy the cosiness to the full again!

3. Why don't the edges of my candle melt?

As you can see from the picture, the candle has not been handled properly here. It has started to tunnel because the candle did not burn long enough. The candle is now drowning in its own wick, so the wick is not burning optimally as it should.

Make sure the wax of the WoodWick candle is melted to the glass before you extinguish the candle. This can take 30 to 60 minutes. In the case of Yankee Candle, even more than 2 hours. Always make sure the candle burns for at least 2 hours. A burn time of more than 6 hours is not recommended.

Fortunately, this candle is not completely lost! With a knife, the wax can be cut away to the same height as the wick. The removed wax can be cut into small cubes and melted in a special wax burner. This way, you can still enjoy the wonderful fragrances.

4. Why does my candle burn with a very small flame?

When a candle is moved while the wax is still liquid, the wax can flow over the wick. This makes the wick too saturated to burn optimally. Unfortunately, you can no longer fix this.
Even when the candle is used completely correctly, the height of the flame may vary from time to time. Sometimes it looks like the candle is about to go out but this is normal. Even when there is a small flame, the candle will continue to burn and the flame will increase in size by itself. Even with a small flame, the candle continues to give off its lovely fragrance.

5. Is this mould on my candle?

Yankee Candles consist of highly refined paraffin. During refining, all dangerous substances are removed from the paraffin. This process creates air bubbles, which are the discolourations you see on the candle. When the candle has burned for a while, everything will melt together nicely and you will no longer see any of this.

Discolouration can occur when the candle is kept in a place that is too bright. Always put the candle in a dark & cool place. Extreme cold can cause the wax to crack.

Do you see a dark layer on your scented candle? Then soot particles may have gotten into the wax while trimming the wick (this is most common with very light candles).

6. Are scented candles bad for your health?

The short answer is no
Candles composed mainly of soy wax (WoodWick) are a great alternative because they contain hardly any toxins and pollutants, and produce significantly less soot than paraffin candles. Moreover, this type of candle does not burn as hot as a paraffin candle, so they melt away slowly and thus usually last 30-50% longer than other scented candles. The wax is never made 100% from soy because a small amount of paraffin is always necessary to strengthen the wax, and keep the wick in place.

The Yankee Candles Classic Jars do continue to be produced mainly from paraffin, but this was refined to the maximum so that almost all harmful substances were taken out.

7. Why is my candle not nicely filled / why are there air bubbles in my candle?

It can sometimes happen that a candle shows exactly air bubbles in the glass. During filling with the liquid wax, the candles are weighed. All candles, with or without bubbles, therefore contain the same amount of wax. However, air bubbles can occur when the wax hardens too quickly. This does not detract from the experience and perception during burning.

8. These candles come in a beautiful decorative glass, can I reuse this?

Of course, recycling is something we can only encourage!
When the candle is completely burnt out, or there is a maximum of 5 mm of wax left in the candle, it is time for a new one. You can easily remove the wax by pouring hot water into the glass. The remaining wax will melt and come to the surface. Think of those cute lava lamps of yesteryear 😉 . Let it cool completely and you can very easily remove the floating & solidified wax from the glass. You can dispose of the solidified wax with the residual waste or reuse it in a wax burner.

The Hourglass candles thus become perfect vases for e.g. tulips. The Elipse candles can be transformed in no time into a table centerpiece, jewellery box or maybe even a rock garden.
Want to use the Yankee Candle Jar as a fun storage jar for e.g. sweets? Then soak the rubber ring that surrounds the glass cap in salad oil overnight. This will ensure that the smell absorbed by the rubber does not linger.

9. What makes a WoodWick candle so unique from other imitation candles?

The specific "crackle as is burns" sound at WoodWick comes from the special patented wicks. With the Hourglass this is the Plus-Wick, with the Ellipse it is thanks to the holes in the wick. Candles from competing brands with a wooden wick also make a noise, but this is certainly not the level of WoodWick scented candles.
Another big reason why alternative brands are cheaper is because of the smaller number of burning hours and the use of less refined paraffin. In addition, the scent experience is a lot less intense and a brand like WoodWick invests in several tree plantations to produce the wooden wicks unlike other brands.

10. A few more know-it-alls:

  • During the shipping process, the candle enters different temperatures. Always allow the candle to reach room temperature before lighting.
  • Preferably extinguish the candle with a candle cover. Blowing out can lead to splashes of flying & hot candle wax. Never squeeze a wooden wick as is sometimes done with a cotton wick. The wood contains much more heat.
  • WoodWick invests in several tree plantations to produce the wooden wicks.
  • Briefly wrapping the candle with aluminium foil can prevent tunnelling.
  • A string of spaghetti can be perfectly set on fire to light a candle whose wick is too deep in the glass.
  • Always close the candle again after use, dust can prevent the candle from burning nicely and this causes more smoke.
  • The specific "crackle as is burns" sound at WoodWick comes from the special patented wicks. With the Hourglass this is the Plus-Wick, with the Ellipse it is thanks to the holes in the wick.
  • Candles from competing brands with a wooden wick also make a noise, but this is certainly not the level of WoodWick scented candles.

Finally, the most important safety measures!

Candles create atmosphere & cosiness in the home, but also require attention in terms of fire safety.

Some precautions:
  1. Never leave a candle unattended.
  2. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  3. Do not blow out the candle but use a candle extinguisher. This prevents afterglow & smoke.
  4. Keep the candle away from flammable materials.
  5. NEVER move a burning candle.
  6. Use a non-combustible trivet.
  7. Do not place candles in an air stream (e.g. close to a window).
  8. Keep candles away from a heat source.
  9. Ventilate the room after use.

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