Problems with delivery

 Have you placed an order? How nice! Now there's only one thing left to do: wait for the delivery of your online purchase. 

At Hermie, we want to offer you the best service, but unfortunately not everything always goes as planned. We do our utmost to pack your parcel as well as possible for its journey to you. Unfortunately, once our parcels are handed over to the transport company, we are no longer in control and have to rely on your courier to deliver your order to you properly. Is this not the case? Then we outline some possible situations below, and give you some simple instructions so we can solve your problem quickly & correctly!

🙋 My package was delivered damaged!

After some waiting, there's your order! Do you enthusiastically open your parcel, but see that your order was delivered damaged? That's a shame! If so, please send an email to as soon as possible, including your order number and the following pictures:

• photo of the outside of the package showing the shipping label
• Is there any visible damage on the outside of the packaging? If so, take several photos along several sides of the packaging, possibly also detail photos of the damage.
• photo of the inside of the box, as opened upon receipt. Including any packaging material (paper, plastic...) & the items in the box.
• photo of the damaged item & detail photo of the damage.

🙋 According to the tracking code, my package has been delivered, but I haven't received anything?!

Do you see on the tracking code of the courier service that your parcel was delivered to your home, but you still didn't receive it? Do not panic! In most cases, your parcel was delivered to your neighbours (ring the doorbell) or left in a safe place around the house (check your terrace, carport, garage...). 

Have you checked with the neighbours & walked around the house, but there is still no parcel in sight? Then we will be happy to help you so that you can receive your parcel quickly!

• Was your parcel sent by PostNL?

If so, please download our "Declaration of non-receipt" document here and return it completed to our customer service ( This way we can contact the transport company to check what happened to your parcel.

• Was your parcel sent with another transport company (GLS, Dina Trans or Transforce)?

Send an e-mail to our customer service department ( with your order number. They will then contact the courier company. 

Such an enquiry usually takes 5 to 10 working days. As soon as we receive feedback, we will contact you immediately to find an appropriate solution together!

🙋 I haven't received part of my order, now what?!

We know you are impatiently waiting for your full order, but please be patient. Perhaps your order was too heavy, large or fragile to be sent in 1 package. This is why some orders are split over several packages. Due to congestion in the sorting centre, these parcels may get separated and therefore end up on a different route to the courier. Has the missing part of your order still not been delivered after several days? In that case, do not hesitate to contact our customer service department!

We are also at your service for other questions or problems!