Colours of your ACD greenhouse

The standard RAL colours of an ACD Prestige, Picollo and Micollo conservatory or greenhouse
All ACD conservatories are made of high-quality aluminium (stainless). This has a typical blank grey appearance.

Nowadays, however, the eye also wants something and the majority of greenhouses are sold with a coating on the aluminium. This is a high-quality powder coating applied to the profiles electrostatically, after which the colour is baked into the aluminium in the oven for perfect adhesion.

You can choose a greenhouse in green or black, or in the same colour as the windows of your house. There are endless possibilities to ensure that your conservatory fits in harmoniously with your house and garden.

Black is one of the best-selling colours and every year we run promotions with some black lacquered models.

ACD greenhouse Prestige R205 - 2,32 x 3,71m - Blackline
€3,237.00 €2,599.00
ACD greenhouse Prestige R306 - 3,06 x 4,45m - Blackline
€3,809.00 €3,249.00
ACD greenhouse Prestige S104 - 3,06 x 2,98m - Blackline
€2,937.00 €2,699.00

Below you can find an overview of the 5 most popular colours: black, white, green, red and blue. In the conservatory configurator you will also see these colours at the top, and you can select them directly for the corresponding prices and options.

In addition, 24 other RAL colours are commonly available. These can be found below. If you want one of these colours, you can enter the RAL code (e.g. 9001 for cream white) in the colour picker on the product sheet next to the standard colours. Below you can find these 24 other common RAL-colours.

Finally, you can also choose any RAL colour. However, you should bear in mind that it is best to ask for a price in advance, as the manufacturer will charge you extra and the delivery time for these conservatories will be slightly longer (approximately 2 weeks).

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