Assembling your ACD greenhouse

Assemble the acd greenhouse yourself or have it assembled?

Below you can view various assembly instructions and videos for assembling your ACD greenhouse.

A question we often get is: "Can you easily install an ACD greenhouse yourself, and how much time does it take?". That's why we'll go into more detail here, and give you the answer straight away: YES! Installing an ACD greenhouse is quite easy. And you will save a lot of money! I usually compare it to a slightly larger cabinet from the universally known Swedish furniture manufacturer ;-) If you can put this together without any problems, you will also be able to do so with an ACD greenhouse. This is also why ACD is known as the most qualitative greenhouse manufacturer.

The most important thing is that you take your time and that there are 2 of you. Allow about 1 day for assembly or a little more if you opt for a large conservatory or if you have chosen many options.

When installing an ACD greenhouse:

No need to drill or file holes. Everything fits and is pre-drilled. 1 Exception: the ridge trimming option

• Safety is important! The glass is safety glass so it is less likely to break. The sides are not sharp, and if something does go wrong and the glass breaks, it all breaks into small harmless pieces like a car window.

• The profiles are self-supporting. This ensures stability & maximum bearing capacity. However, additional anchoring of the conservatory is still recommended. Ensure a flat surface for easy installation.

• You can always contact us or ACD if you have any problems

Below is an overview of the 10 steps to assemble your greenhouse. At the bottom you can also watch an assembly movie!
Finished? Be sure to send us a few pictures and receive a nice gift ;-)

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Do you have two left hands or do you simply not have the time or inclination? Then you can also have the greenhouse installed. Count on an extra delivery period of approximately 2 weeks. The price depends on the chosen conservatory and the number of options. Below you will find the additional prices for the assembly excluding the options (such as ventilation package, shade net, extra door, etc.). Do you wish to have the options mounted as well? This will cost 50 euros extra per chosen option.

If you buy a greenhouse online, you will initially pay without the assembly. Do you not wish to assemble the greenhouse yourself? Then you can indicate this when you place your order and we will normally send you the additional cost for the assembly of your chosen conservatory and options within one working day.

For the most recent prices you can visit our page with ACD greenhouses.

Installation video

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