French shallot Longor netje 250gr

French shallot Longor netje 250gr

per unit

French shallot Longor netje 250gr

Verbeterde Franse 'Cuisse de poulet'

Art. nr. 201803721

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Product information "French shallot Longor netje 250gr"

  • moderate yield
  • long shelf life
  • free early maturity
  • ideal for cooking

The French shallot Longor (also: improved version of Cuisse de Poulet) can be planted in spring as well as in autumn. The recommended minimum planting distance is 10 cm in the rows and 20-25 cm between the rows. This yellow, long plant shallot has an excellent cooking quality, good earliness, decent yield and long storage life. This shallot is supplied in a net.

Tip: Shallots prefer to grow in the sun, in a warm place. Shallots also grow on almost all types of soil with a good structure, but preferably on a soil of fertile, loose, humus-rich soil that retains moisture, but sufficiently permeable.

If the soil is well maintained, fertilizing is not really necessary. If you do need to add some fertilizer, do not use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer (such as farmyard manure) to reduce the risk of diseases such as head rot or mold. Rather, use a potassium-rich fertilizer.

When the foliage of the shallot falls down, the shallots can be grubbed up. Then you let them dry until the foliage is completely dry. You can now remove the foliage and store the shallots in containers in a well-ventilated, dry place. Storing them in the form of a braid is also possible. In this case we braid the leaves of the shallots together with a string. We then hang the braid in a well-ventilated, dry room.

The onion fly is about the only possible problem. Nice to know that if you plant shallots and carrots next to each other, you will find that you are less bothered by both carrot and onion flies. Also for tubers and beets, lettuce and tomatoes make good neighbors. Peas and beans, on the other hand, are to be avoided as neighbors.

Product specifications

Plant group: Onions, shallots and garlic
Section: Shallots
Peel color: Red
Content in KG: 0,25
Weight: 0.26 kg
Contents: 0.25 kg