Forni-mite - 2000 predatory mites against spider mites

Forni-mite - 2000 predatory mites agains...

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Forni-mite - 2000 predatory mites against spider mites

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Product information "Forni-mite - 2000 predatory mites against spider mites"

  • against spider mites
  • Sent directly from supplier to customer.
  • 2000 predatory mites
  • 30 to 50 predatory mites per m²
Forni-mite contains the predatory mites Ambyseius Californicus. They are supplied as adult predatory mites in a plastic tube with filler. Forni-mite controls different species of spider mites indoors (cucumber, beans, sweet bell pepper, eggplant, house and orangery plants) and outdoors (roses, shrubs and ornamental shrubs), the most well-known being the red spider mite. Forni-mite is active between 18°C and 30°C. These predatory mites can survive on pollen in small numbers and can therefore also be introduced preventatively. Introduce Forni-mite at the beginning of an infestation with 30-50 predatory mites per m2. In case of heavy infestation first remove the most affected leaves and then release at least 100 predatory mites per m2. Spread the predatory mites directly on the leaves or use coffee filter bags and wax pins to distribute the predatory mites over the infested plants.

Product specifications

Animal-friendly: Yes
Classification garden: Insects & birds
Control and protection of...: Crawling insects, Flying insects
Product group: Beneficial insects
Substance: Live/useful insects
Type of problem: Spider mites
Usage location: Outside
Certified organic: Yes
Contents in pieces: 2.000
Weight: 0.05 kg
Contents: 1 pc