B-green - nematodes against grubs (100m²)

B-green - nematodes against grubs (100m²...

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B-green - nematodes against grubs (100m²)

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Product information "B-green - nematodes against grubs (100m²)"

  • for 100m²
  • Application: mid-end of April and July to October

B-green contains nematodes or nematodes to control grubs in grass and vine weevil larvae.

For an area of 100m2.

In large populations, grubs are particularly harmful as they feed on the roots of plants or grasses. Your lawn is also affected by birds that are crazy about these grubs but also eat your grass.

How to control? Be sure to read our informative article "3 remedies for grubs in your lawn"

Nematodes or nematodes is certainly a good and effective method to clean up the entire grubs population. The nematodes will infect, sicken and eventually kill the grubs in the soil. The nematodes work selectively and are therefore harmless to humans, animals or plants.

After the grubs die the nematode will continue to feed until the dead grubs are decomposed. Then the nematodes will again look for another slug to infect.

How to use?

1) Period: Apply from end of April until October at a minimum soil temperature of 12°C.

2) Apply during dark weather or in the evening. Never apply in sunny or too hot weather. In case of very warm summer temperatures we will also not deliver and postpone the delivery

3) The nematodes must be able to penetrate the soil. Therefore it is important that the soil is wet when applying. First moisten the soil and then pour the nematodes on the soil with a watering can.

4) The substrate must remain moist for a minimum of 2 weeks after treatment.

When controlling vine weevil larvae, double dose the nematodes. This is a live product that must be used immediately upon receipt and will not be returned.

Product specifications

Classification garden: Insects & birds
Control and protection of...: Chewing and sucking insects, Diseases
Product group: Beneficial insects
Substance: Live/useful insects
Usage location: Outside
Weight: 0.15 kg
Contents: 1 pc