Bûten Food - Stuffed bamboo with fat and seeds - 250 gr

Bûten Food - Stuffed bamboo with fat and...

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Bûten Food - Stuffed bamboo with fat and seeds - 250 gr

Power food for garden birds!

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Product information "Bûten Food - Stuffed bamboo with fat and seeds - 250 gr"

  • Contents: 250 gr
Want to give your winged friends a hand during the winter months? 🐦 ❄ Then dish them up this richly filled bamboo!

This bamboo is full of power food for garden birds! It is composed of high quality oils, fats & bird seed mix. This bamboo will not only be enjoyed by the birds but will also hang decoratively in your garden!

Hang the stuffed bamboo on the branch of a tree or feeding station.

Did you know that: birds that stay here for the winter lose up to 10% of their weight during the winter months? Serve garden birds a flying buffet of calorie-rich tits to compensate for this weight loss ;) Or how about a tasty cake with mealworms and fruit pieces for dessert? <a href=/animal-and-pond/birds/feeding/>View our range of bird food here and <a href=/animal-and-pond/birds/accessories/feeders-and-drink-bottles-drink-bowls/>feeders/drink-bowls. Also, always provide a lukewarm bowl of water so the birds can drink plenty without the water freezing.

This is how to choose the perfect spot for the feeder!
- Hang the feeder high up on the branches of trees or a feeding station so that house and neighborhood cats can't reach it! Ideally near shrubs or trees with prickly leaves or thorns.
- Keep the feeding station clean so no pests come in or make the birds sick.

Every bird eats as it feeds
Did you know that blue titmice in particular love fat balls! Sparrows & finches love seeds & peanuts, and blackbirds love sweet raisins.

Read our blog "Get your winter garden ready for the animals" for more tips from Marcel!

About Bûten:
Thanks to Bûten, all garden animals feel welcome in your garden or balcony! From our winged friends to fluffy squirrels & prickly hedgehogs. For almost every garden animal, they have a suitable house, food or feeding station in the range. Plus, you'll also find lots of great garden gifts!

Product specifications

Weight: 0.25 kg
Contents: 0.25 kg
Package dimensions: 8L x 8W x 10H cm