Edialux Wasptrap refill lure 500ml - Refill for wasp trap 'Wasptrap' from Edialux

Edialux Wasptrap refill lure 500ml - Ref...

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Edialux Wasptrap refill lure 500ml - Refill for wasp trap 'Wasptrap' from Edialux

Art. nr. 201692745

€7.95 per unit

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Product information "Edialux Wasptrap refill lure 500ml - Refill for wasp trap 'Wasptrap' from Edialux"

  • refill
  • for both flies and wasps
Professional liquid lure for wasptrap, a reusable wasp trap. Trap and lure are also available separately (see Wasptrap).
Note: This item only contains the refill, do you not have a Wasptrap yet? If you buy a Wasptrap there is already a lure with the trap.


Pour half of the bottle (250ml) into the WASPTRAP. Preferably hang or set the trap in the shade near places where problems with wasps occur. The attractant has, depending on temperature and air movement, an effect of about three weeks. Replace the liquid after three weeks.


Hang the wasp trap in a place where there is as little human movement as possible. Choose a place with adequate air circulation, but without strong winds. If the wasp catch is too few in number after two days, move the trap to another location. Be careful when hanging the trap or going near the trap. After all, the attractant is very effective. Place the wasp trap late at night or early in the morning, when these insects are less active. People who are allergic to wasp stings should enlist the help of others to hang and maintain this wasp trap. Stings from wasps, hornets and hornets can have fatal consequences.

Fyto-licentie-waarschuwingApproval Belgium: EU-0026256-0000ApprovalNetherlands: EU-0026256-0000
Protect the environment and public health!

This product has a Belgian approval number and its use is only allowed within the Belgian borders.

Use plant protection products and biocides safely. Read the label and product information before use.

Product specifications

Approval number Belgium: EU-0026256-0000
Approval number France: EU-0026256-0000
Approval number G.H. Luxembourg: EU-0026256-0000
Approval number The Netherlands: EU-0026256-0000
Classification garden: Insects & birds
Contents in L: 0,5
Contents in ML: 500
Control and protection of...: Crawling insects, Flying insects
Product group: Pheromone and lure product, Traps and glue
Substance: Liquid
Type of problem: Wasps
Usage location: Outside
Certified organic: Yes
Weight: 0.6 kg
Contents: 0.5 l
Package dimensions: 8L x 8W x 13.5H cm