Edialux Nema-t-bag Felti: nematodes against leatherjackets, thrips, Colorado potato beetle and ants for up to 100m² (BIO)

Edialux Nema-t-bag Felti: nematodes agai...

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Edialux Nema-t-bag Felti: nematodes against leatherjackets, thrips, Colorado potato beetle and ants for up to 100m² (BIO)

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Product information "Edialux Nema-t-bag Felti: nematodes against leatherjackets, thrips, Colorado potato beetle and ants for up to 100m² (BIO)"

  • The biological solution
  • Controls leatherjackets, thrips, Colorado potato beetle and ants
  • Suitable for 100m²
  • Can be stored out of refrigeration for several weeks

Nema-T-Bag Felti is a mixture of nematodes to control leatherjackets, thrips, Colorado potato beetles and ants. 🐜��🪲 The ecological solution!

The nematodes Steinernema Feltiae are microscopic roundworms that live in the soil. The nematodes penetrate the larvae of leatherjackets, eat them completely and lay their eggs in them. After 2 to 6 weeks, new nematodes reappear and do their work again as long as there are larvae in the soil.Leaf treatment of Colorado potato beetles requires hitting the larvae on or under the leaves. Ants are not destroyed by these nematodes, but they move their nest because they do not like nematodes in their environment.

Soil application:
- Make sure soil is moist before starting treatment
- Preferably apply on a cloudy, rainy day. Certainly never in bright sunlight
- Keep the soil moist for at least two weeks
- From April to October, at a soil temperature of at least 10°C (optimal results from 15°C onwards)

Foliar application:
- Make sure the plant is kept moist beforehand and for at least two hours after treatment, without water dripping off the leaves, for optimal results
- Insect must be physically touched
- Control of boxwood moth, Colorado potato beetle and thrips should be done in 2 stages to kill first the insect and then also the new larvae emerging from the eggs (nematodes do not attack the eggs)
- Apply from as soon as pest insects are detected, from April to October (minimum 10°C)

- Put a Nema-T-bag in the Nema-T-Pot and then add (preferably lukewarm) water until the bag is well under water.
- Shake the sprayer for at least one minute and continue filling the Nema-T-Pot with (lukewarm) water up to the 1000 ml mark.
- Put the sprayer head in the 'Shower' selection position and turn the dosage disc on top of the sprayer 120 ml to the arrow on the left.
- Connect the Nema-T-Pot to the garden hose, open the water tap and start spraying, moving the nozzle back and forth all the time.
- Start with the most heavily infested area and then spray the surrounding areas where you also suspect the presence of pests.
- Spray for 7 to 10 minutes, until the Nema T-Bag is completely empty, shaking the Nema T-Bag periodically to promote even distribution of the nematodes.
- Rinse the Nema T-Bag thoroughly after use. You can easily recycle the Nema T-Bag in the compost pile after use.

Application period:
April to October

🙋 More tips on using nematodes? Then be sure to read this blog!

About Edialux
Edialux is the brand for sustainable solutions to thorny home and garden problems. Whether you suffer from pesky insects or rodents in your home, you need to rid your garden furniture of a layer of green deposits, or you see weeds sprouting up between your patio, Edialux knows how to deal with every problem!

Product specifications

Classification garden: Insects & birds
Composition: Nematodes Steinernema Feltiae
Control and protection of...: Crawling insects, Flying insects, Chewing and sucking insects
Period of application: April, Augustus, July, June, March, May, October, September
Product group: Nematodes
Recommended dosage: 1 T-bag per 50m²
Substance: Live/useful insects
Type of problem: Ants, Beetles, Boxwood Moth, Colorado potato beetle, Leatherjackets, Thrips
Usage location: Outside
Yield in m² per pack: 100
Certified organic: Yes
Contents in pieces: 1
Weight: 0.04 kg
Contents: 1 pc
Package dimensions: 4L x 10W x 17H cm