Kayaks, kano's en toebehoren

Kayaks, kano's en toebehoren

Onze opblaasbare kajaks & kano's neem je zo mee op reis of voor een dagje strand! 🚣‍♀️
Zo beleef je sportieve watertochten op rivieren of open zee. Klaar voor het avontuur?!

Met hoeveel personen wil je peddelen? 
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(inflatable) water toys

Inflatable water toys are extremely versatile. Inflatable water toys include, for example, inflatable goals, basketball nets or volleyball games. Of course, you can also use these next to the pool. Diving toys are also a real must-have for your children. Using snorkels and diving sticks/sets, children learn to improve their diving skills while playing. By letting your children discover underwater treasures, they learn to swim while playing.

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Air mattresses, inflatable figures and swimming rings

Swimming in the pool or going far out to sea. Fun, but sometimes you just want to relax on the water. Enjoy the sunshine and maybe with a drink in your hand. Inflatable swimming baskets, inflatable figures and (Intex) air mattresses for the pool offer you the solution. Certainly swimming rings and inflatable figures for the pool are for all ages. With a unicorn, flamingo or donut pool band, you or your children are sure to impress at the next swimming party.

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Water tables and tracks

Little ones often find playing with water or sand the most fun. And they can do so safely with a (Little Tikes) water and/or sand table. Such sand and water tables not only offer coolness on hot summer days, they encourage your children to develop their creativity and fine motor skills. With a water play table, they can experiment endlessly with the flow of water. And their rubber ducks can finally enjoy the healthy outdoors too😉 .

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Are you looking for other water toys such as water pistols, (inflatable) water slides or would you like to equip your garden with a Gardena garden shower? We have these in our range as well! At the best prices, of course!

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