Bestway Steel Pro Max above ground pool - round - Ø305 x H76 cm

Bestway Steel Pro Max above ground pool ...

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Bestway Steel Pro Max above ground pool - round - Ø305 x H76 cm

Cartridge filter pump & cartridge, drain valve & repair patch included

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Product information "Bestway Steel Pro Max above ground pool - round - Ø305 x H76 cm"

  • Afmetingen: Ø305 x H76 cm
  • Vorm: rond
  • Inhoud: 4.678 L
  • Kleur: grijs
  • Inclusief patroonfilterpomp met cartridge
  • Capaciteit filterpomp: 1.249 L/u
  • Cartridge type I
  • Met handig leegloopventiel & reparatiepatch
  • Luxueuze uitstraling
  • Veilig & duurzaam
  • Robuuste drielaagse wand
  • Stevige buizenconstructie
  • Roestbestendige coating
  • Bestand tegen UV-straling & chloor
The Steel Pro Max pool is the real powerhouse among the Bestway pools. With this above-ground pool Ø305 x H76 cm (4,678 L), you will enjoy a sturdy pool with a luxurious appearance. Will you choose this above-ground pool? Then you can splash around for years in a safe & durable way!

This pool includes a cartridge filter pump. This keeps the pool water cleaner and clearer for longer. To make your splashing experience even better, you can buy all kinds of handy accessories (such as a ladder, cover, solar cover...) separately. The pool has a neutral grey colour and a beautiful inside with blue-white mosaic pattern.

The Steel Pro Max is made of durable DuraPlus material & has a robust three-layer wall. The middle layer is made of gridded polyester & is surrounded by two PVC layers. The thick wall can therefore take a beating. In addition, it is also UV ray & chlorine resistant.

The sturdy FrameLink construction ensures extra stability & easy placement. Moreover, the tubes have a nice oval shape and a rustproof coating.

Because of the enthusiastic splashing & the many water games, an accident can always happen. That is quickly fixed with the supplied repair patch! Bestway has thought of that too.

Thanks to the handy drain valve, the pool can be easily stored away after the summer.

The strengths of our Steel Pro Max above ground pools in a row:
• Safe and stable construction (anti-corrosion)
• Three-layer wall of durable material
• Luxurious appearance
• Easy installation

Supplied accessories
• Cartridge filter pump 1.2 m³
Of course, this pool comes with a cleaning filter, so your pool stays nice and clean. This Fast set inflatable pool comes with a cartridge filter pump with a capacity of 1,249 L/h. This filter pump works on filter cartridges type I. Replace the cartridges regularly so that the pump can filter the water optimally.

Tip from poolboy Marcel:
A swimming pool not only provides cooling and fun, but also requires maintenance. So keep a close eye on the pool values (pH, chlorine & alkaline value) to be able to enjoy your pool safely and as long as possible. Check out our wide range of maintenance products "here". Not sure how to get your pool summer-proof? Then be sure to read "this blog article" to get your pool swimming-ready in 5 steps.

We also recommend these accessories!

• Option (sold separately): Safety ladder
Swimming and splashing in the water is of course great fun, but at Hermie we choose safety first! After all, a slip happens quicker than you think. A sturdy ladder ensures that you can get in and out of the pool easily and safely. Choose a ladder that folds up or with removable steps so that small daredevils cannot climb into the pool.

• Option (sold separately): Protective cover
Done splashing around? Then close off the outdoor pool with a cover so it stays nice and clean for your next dive. A cover keeps falling leaves, twigs or other debris out of the clear water. In addition, the water will cool down less quickly because of this cover. The cover is perforated in the middle so that the water does not stay on the cover. With the nylon drawstring, you can easily attach the cover to the edge of the pool.

Our tip: prevent the cover from sinking into the water & put an inflatable tyre under the cover.

• Option (sold separately): Pool heating
Do you want a pool that's always nice and warm? Then choose a pool heater. With a heat pump or heat mat you can easily heat up the water a few degrees. Put a solar cover on the pool to keep the water warm longer & let the sun warm the pool naturally. This cover has an insulating function and partially protects your pool from dirt. Because the solar cover floats on the pool (and is not fixed over the edges of the pool), dirt can still get into your pool through the side of the cover. So this is not an alternative to a cover.

• Option (sold separately): Ground Sheet
A ground sheet keeps the bottom of the pool clean. This saves you a lot of cleaning work when you store your pool in the autumn! Do you want the bottom of the pool to be extra protected? Then choose floor tiles - suitable for both garden and terrace.

Setting up the Steel Pro Max
This pool may be a real powerhouse, but it is also very easy to set up.
In the package is a comprehensive manual that tells you step by step how to assemble the pool (without extra tools).
We'll be happy to outline it for you:
Step 1: Choose a spot with a flat surface that has been cleared of stones or other sharp objects. Spread the ground sheet here & get the other supplies ready. Have you chosen protective floor tiles? Then place them under the groundsheet.

Step 2: Mount the frame.

Step 3: Fill the pool with a small layer of water (a few centimetres) & wrinkle the bottom of the liner. Then you can fill the rest of the pool with water!

Feeling like a fish out of water?
Not sure which pool to choose? Then our pool specialist Marcel will help you with his "handy pool guide", so you can buy the right pool online at Hermie. Our customer service is also ready to help you with all your questions at +32 (0)9 396 59 00!

About Bestway:
Dedicated to bringing joy into people's lives, with innovative and high quality products, Bestway enables moments of well-being and fun for people of all ages, all over the world.

Product specifications

Weight: 20.168 kg
Contents: 1 set
Dimensions: 37l x 88.5w x 27h cm
Package dimensions: 27l x 37w x 88.5h cm