Red cabbage - pressing block 4x4 cm - set of 5 pieces

Red cabbage - pressing block 4x4 cm - se...

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Red cabbage - pressing block 4x4 cm - set of 5 pieces

Rode kool

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Product information "Red cabbage - pressing block 4x4 cm - set of 5 pieces"

Red cabbage is by nature a biennial crop, forming the 'cabbage' in the first year and flowering in the second year. It is a so-called head cabbage, closely related to other head cabbages such as white cabbage, pointed cabbage and savoy cabbage. The edible part, the cabbage, is actually a terminal bud consisting of many overlapping leaves that form a closed head. The typical red color is caused by the dye anthocyanin that is also found, for example, in red lettuce types. The leaves have a kind of wax layer which ensures that the cabbage can be stored for a long time. Red cabbage has different cultivation methods. These are divided according to the planting and harvesting date.

There are specific varieties for each cultivation method and planting period.At Allégrow, you are sure to plant the right variety at the right time.

Red cabbages need to build up a lot of leaf mass while growing and are in the field for a long time, so they (like all cabbages) have high soil requirements.

-A very humus-rich, moisture-rich and lime-rich soil with good structure is ideal.
-Light soil is best for early crops, however, the cabbages will be less firm.
-Heavy soils are most suitable for fall cultivation. Cultivation will be a bit slower, but you can harvest large cabbages, which can also be stored for a long time.
-Before starting your crop, make sure you have a good base fertilizer and plenty of lime.
-Plant your cabbage plants in full sun and give them plenty of space: planting distance 60 x 60 cm.
-Plant red cabbages until 15 June at the latest, otherwise they will not grow sufficiently.
-When planting, press the soil around the cabbage plants well and water immediately. Halfway through the cultivation, from cabbage formation onwards, it is best to apply some additional fertilizer.
-Make sure you harvest the cabbage in time, before it starts to burst open.
-Harvest storage cabbages before the first frost, otherwise there will be internal browning during storage-Store
your cabbages in a cool, but above all airy area. Be sure not to bump or hurt them in your handling, this will cause spoilage.

Red cabbage is a traditional winter vegetable. It is usually finely chopped and cooked with some sugar and pieces of apple.It can also be eaten raw, including finely grated in cold vegetable dishes.

Tuberous foot: irregular swelling at the roots that prevents the plant from absorbing nutrients. Cause is insufficient fruit rotation or too wet soil. To prevent infestation, it is necessary to strive for a good fruit rotation (1/4 year).
Cabbage fly: lays eggs at the base and the larvae attack the main root. Prevent this by placing a cloth over the plants.
Caterpillar infestations.

Product specifications

Application / use plant: Unknown - n/a
Bloom Month: Unknown - n/a
Bloom color: Unknown - N/A
Branches / bark: Unknown - n/a
Dutch plant name: Rode kool
English plant name: Red Cabbage
French plant name: Chou rouge
Frost hardiness - details: Good (-23 to -18°c), usda zone 6
Frost resistance: Very good winter hardy
Fruit: Unknown - n/a
Full grown plant height: 50 cm
German plant name: Rotkohl
Growth habit : Unknown - n/a
Growth habit - details: Forms an edible cabbage
Humidity/Soil: Normal soil
Latin plant family: Brassicaceae
Leaf / Foliage: Red/brown
Leaf / foliage - details: Purple red
Location: Reasonable sun
Location - details: Sun till half-shade
Minimum growing height (cm): 50
Plant characteristic: Edible (fruit, leaf, flower)
Plant family: Finial family
Winter foliage: Losing leaf
maximal growth height (cm): 50
type of crop: Vegetables
type of soil: All soil types
type of soil / ground - details: Any good garden soil

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