Leguma+ 10kg vegetable garden fertilizer with SunProtect DPF 15

Leguma+ 10kg vegetable garden fertilizer...

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Leguma+ 10kg vegetable garden fertilizer with SunProtect DPF 15

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Product information "Leguma+ 10kg vegetable garden fertilizer with SunProtect DPF 15"

  • Composite organic-mineral fertilizer NPK(Mg) 5-6-10(+4) mixture
  • With SunProtect against dry periods

Leguma universal fertilizer for all vegetables, herbs and fruits. This fertilizer provides an effect in just about all vegetables, fruits and herbs and gives them the most delicious taste and makes them very juicy. Leguma strengthens the chlorophyll of your plant and makes it more resistant to pests.

It is a balanced, organo-mineral NPK fertiliser for general use in vegetable, flower, fruit and herb gardens. It is also used by professional growers in greenhouses for outdoor crops (cabbages, leeks, carrots, etc.).

Viano Leguma+ works for up to 3 months and can be used both when laying out (before planting and sowing) and as a supplementary fertiliser during cultivation.

The high potassium content guarantees healthy, strong crops. Leguma + is used in crops where fruit formation, tuber formation and bulb formation are of great importance (tomatoes, radishes, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, cabbages, leeks, eggplants, potatoes, tuberous begonias, tulips, etc.).

With SunProtect DPF15 for better protection of your vegetable garden against periods of prolonged drought. SunProtect DPF15 stimulates a deeper and better root development so your plants can retain water better and longer in the soil.

Product specifications

Weight: 10 kg
Contents: 10 kg