12V Spotlight Australia

12V Spotlight Australia

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12V Spotlight Australia

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€41.24 per unit

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Product information "12V Spotlight Australia"

The 12V Australia LED spotlight of the brand Luxform concerns 1 lamp, so not a complete set. To connect this lamp you still need a transformer and main cable. In 3 steps, this is easy to select. 1) Choose the lamps that you want to use in your garden. 2) Choose the transformer: add up the wattage of the number of bulbs. Make sure the sum does not exceed the wattage of the transformer. You can choose from a transformer of 20W ( art. no. 9940), transformer 60W (art. no. 9941) and transformer 105W (art. no. 9942). 3) Choose the wiring. You always start with the 15m main cable (art. no. 9990). If this is not enough distance for you, you can extend this cable with our 10M extension cable (art. no. 9991). Connecting the lamps: If you have placed the transformer at a 230V power point, you can continue with the main cable from there. This is a thin cable that is easy to process in your garden. Then you can use the simple easy twist connection system to the lamps at any desired point on the main cable. It couldn't be simpler! By means of the supplied ground pin, the lamps are easy to place in the ground. With the bracket, these lamps can also be applied to fences, facades or to plaasen under your roof. Usage tip: A functional spotlight, great for illuminating trees, shrubs or objects from the ground or illuminating borders from above when mounted on a fence or similar. The incredibly simple and safe "Easy Twist & Turn" connection system of Luxform Lighting makes connecting garden lights child's play. Put the wires in the cable connector, turn it closed and there is light! Because of this simple connection you can also easily move the lamps at any time. It can not be more flexible. Luxform Lighting operates on 12 Volts low voltage and is therefore perfectly safe to work with. The low voltage makes the system absolutely safe for children and (digging) animals. The safe low-voltage cable can be laid above ground or directly under the surface. No trenching is required and you do not need any tools for installation.

Product specifications

Weight: 0.4 kg
Contents: 1 pc
Dimensions: 6.9L x 6.9W x 11.5H cm
Package dimensions: 8.1L x 10W x 17H cm