Automatic step feeder for chickens - 40kg - 50x30x60cm

Automatic step feeder for chickens - 40k...

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Automatic step feeder for chickens - 40kg - 50x30x60cm

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Product information "Automatic step feeder for chickens - 40kg - 50x30x60cm"

  • Up to 40kg contents
  • Up to 20 chickens
User-friendly pre-assembled feeder for chickens so your chickens can eat carefree.It is manufactured with galvanized plate in its structure, galvanized rod and PVC profiles on the foot pedal, making it easy and ergonomic for the chickens to stand and open the door.Up to 40kg capacity - up to 20 chickens Unique system to close the door without disturbing noises, avoiding the problem of rejection of the animals.Easy control of the opening resistance from the outside, with four adjustment points to adapt to any type of bird. Safeed, is a feeding bowl with mechanical opening, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, keeps the food clean and dry. Safeed design ensures safety and reliable operation. Extra safe with the folded edges to prevent cuts to the hands. The use of the Safeed feeder provides savings by eliminating wasted feed that is spilled on the ground. It is also more hygienic: no spilled food that can ferment and rot on the ground. Safeed has a transparent viewer on each side, to check the feed level from the outside (1/3 of its capacity), without having to open the coop to open the lid, except to fill it with feed. Airtight seal, including a skirt that prevents the entry of dirt or animals, and a high wind resistance closure on the top cover. The pedal is formed by two profiles of PVC as handles, allowing the birds to settle naturally and access food, avoiding the accumulation of dirt in the area and reducing maintenance. The exclusive return system, by means of a stainless steel spring, ensures that the pedal returns to its original position, which makes the operation better than the existing mechanisms on the market. Safeed can be placed directly on the floor or hung from the two key holes on the back. It can be installed inside or outside the poultry house The lid has a reversible opening to fill to the front or back, as the case may be.Safeed, delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Still want to change the standard opening sensitivity, you are ready in less than 10 seconds. Safeed is without a doubt the safest alternative for feeding poultry.

Product specifications

Weight: 10 kg
Contents: 1 pc
Package dimensions: 30L x 50W x 60H cm