Nematodes Felti against leatherjackets, Colorado potato beetle, etc. (100 m²)

Nematodes Felti against leatherjackets, ...

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Nematodes Felti against leatherjackets, Colorado potato beetle, etc. (100 m²)

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Product information "Nematodes Felti against leatherjackets, Colorado potato beetle, etc. (100 m²)"

  • Nematodes Steinernema Feltiae
  • Makes leatherjackets in the soil sick
  • Can also be used to scare away ants
  • Can be kept outside the refrigerator for several weeks
  • For up to 100 m²
Nema-T-Bag Felti is a mixture of nematodes to control leatherjackets, thrips, Colorado potato beetles and ants. The nematodes Steinernema Feltiae are microscopic roundworms that live in the soil. The nematodes penetrate the larvae of leatherjackets, eat them completely and lay their eggs in them. After 2 to 6 weeks, new nematodes appear and do their job again, just as long as there are larvae in the soil.For foliar treatment of Colorado potato beetles, it is necessary to hit the larvae on or under the leaves. ***Ants are not destroyed by these nematodes, but they move their nest because they do not like nematodes in their environment.***Applicable with a watering can or even better with a mixing device for nematodes. First spray the area to be treated abundantly with water so that it is already moist. Start with the areas that have suffered the most damage and continue spraying all areas where you suspect the presence of pests. Attention: make sure that the soil is well moist before applying the nematodes + keep it wet! If the soil dries out the nematodes do not get the chance to penetrate deep into the soil and the treatment is therefore less effective How to proceed The nice thing about this product is that they can be used immediately after purchase in the store or webshop, because the nematodes are included immediately. So you don't have to buy an empty package and wait for the live organism before starting the treatment. For optimal results, it is best to wait until the soil temperature reaches a minimum of 10°C. The soil temperature warms up much more slowly than the air. In most places in Flanders the soil temperature does not drop below 10°C from the beginning of April. Therefore we advise to apply nematodes in the garden from April to October. In greenhouses or flower pots in the house nematodes can be applied throughout the year, if the required soil temperature and humidity is present. Note that nematodes are sensitive to UV radiation. Start the treatment preferably in the evening on a cloudy day or even in rainy weather, certainly never apply in bright sunlight. It is also important to apply to a moist soil and keep the top layer of the soil moist for at least 2 weeks after treatment Once you can start the treatment, the job is done in no time. The nematodes are packed in convenient, pre-dosed bags. There is no need to measure, to dilute dozens of buckets etc. You can simply put the bag (closed) with nematodes in the Nema T-Pot, which is specially designed for spreading nematodes. Fill up with some water and shake or stir the mixture so that the nematodes from the bag will spread in the water. Then fill up further with 1 L of water. Next, connect the Nema T-Pot to a garden hose, open the water tap and start spraying. Start with the areas that have suffered the most damage and then spray all areas where you suspect the presence of pests. After 7 to 10 minutes of spraying (depending on the water pressure), all nematodes will be spread over the soil Now it's up to the nematodes. They penetrate the moist soil, where they look for their food (grubs, leatherjackets, larvae of vine weevils, snails...). All you have to do is throw the used Nema T-Bag on the compost heap. After a few days you will already notice the first results. However, give the nematodes some time to eat all their food; clearly noticeable changes will only be visible after 2 weeks It is also possible to use Nema T-Bags with a watering can. For this you need to adjust the amount of water in the bags. So read the instructions carefully before use in order to know the correct dosage.

Product specifications

Weight: 0.04 kg
Contents: 1 pc
Package dimensions: 4l x 10w x 17h cm